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Before the extension to the five-day workweek, Spain referred to such a concept as semana inglesa – or “English week”. Well, what an English week it’s been! We’ve been travelling across the UK supplying chocolate fountains high and low.

First off, there was the Medic’s Graduation Ball at Leigh Court in Bristol. Chocolate Fountain Hire attended the lavish do to help hard-working medical students celebrate their efforts and years of hard work with chocolate fondue fun. The Midnight in Monaco theme treated graduates to a casino, where they played blackjack and roulette into the early hours of the morning. To match the theme we supplied a range of exotic fruit to dip in the chocolate fountain. The Bristol graduates couldn’t get enough!

Then Chocolate Fountain Hire hit Southampton, to provide chocolate fondue and tasty dips for Natalie and Jamie at their wedding reception. Set at the New Place Hotel in Shirrell Heath, this glamorous black tie event was the perfect time to say “I do” to our Belgian milk chocolate fountain, with banana’s and grapes proving especially popular. Chocolate fountain hire never fails in Southampton or Hampshire for that matter.

Shelley and Adrian were next to tie the knot, this time in Basingstoke. Chocolate Fountain Hire arrived at the stunning Pitt Hall Barn armed with three chocolate fondue fountains and the perfect combination – one large milk chocolate fountain, one small white chocolate fountain and one small dark chocolate fountain. Sheer indulgence! The choice and spectacle created a true chocolate fondue experience – one the kids especially loved.

If you’re looking for chocolate fountains for your eventĀ  – whether it’s a graduation ball, university social or a wedding reception – talk to Chocolate Fountain Hire today to find out more, wherever you are in the UK.


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