Chocolate Fountain Hire visit Bristol

Remember the school disco days of dodgy dancing, ignoring the opposite sex and cheap Panda Pops? School socials definitely aren’t like they used to be, and probably with good reason, as we discovered recently in Bristol. Chocolate Fountain Hire visited the South Western city to provide a chocolate fondue experience for students at an end of term college bash – and it was definitely an event to remember!

Set at one of Bristol’s premier venues, Ashton Court Mansion’s stone arches and high ceilings provided a spectacular back-drop for the college formal. Students aged 16 to 18 years turned out in their best to dance the night away and munch on dips from our chocolate fountain late into the night, with marshmallows and mini donuts proving to be the most popular.

Chocolate fountains are an essential for proms, end of term parties and graduation balls. Not only does a chocolate fountain provide a colourful, visual spectacle, but it’s a tasty treat for young people who aren’t old enough to drink alcohol. Where a bar, cocktails or champagne are commonplace at events for adults, a chocolate fountain is a huge treat for guests of all ages.

If you’re planning an event where a large number of the guests will be young people, a chocolate fountain will always fulfill two key event objectives – continual entertainment throughout the night and guest interaction. There were no wallflowers round the chocolate fountain at this Bristol bash!


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