Chocolate Fountain Hire in the Summer

Did you feel that? No, you’re not imagining things – it really is getting warmer in Britain! After what’s ultimately felt like 18 months of winter here in the UK, the team here at Chocolate Fountain Hire couldn’t be feeling more excited by the prospective summer months. When the sun shines, there’s one thing us Brit’s do better than any nation of rain-dodgers – we hit the great outdoors!

Chocolate Fountain Hire know that when you want to celebrate an occasion outside, nothing is more encouraging than a hint of sunshine. That’s why we make sure our chocolate fountains are geared up for the summer months and ready to celebrate with you.

That’s the marvellous thing about chocolate fondue. Whether it’s the middle of July or the day before Christmas, chocolate fountains are far from seasonal and suit occasions pretty much all year round. The melted Belgian chocolate cascading through our fondue fountains is warm enough for that ooze effect but never too hot. And our dipping items are stored in cool, fresh conditions right up until the point a re-stock is needed. Basically, no matter how hot the weather gets, our chocolate fondues and dipping items know how to keep their cool.

Summer months are also great for Chocolate Fountain Hire because it gives us the opportunity to pick out the best of the seasonal summer flavours and dips. Strawberries are a firm chocolate fondue favourite all year round, but did you ever consider a tropical selection of pineapple, mango and kiwi? What about some apricot slices to dip into a white chocolate fountain, or some cherries for a dark chocolate fountain? If you want to go a step further in wowing your guests with your chocolate fountain hire know-how, why not choose flavoured chocolate? Imagine your guests’ reaction as they dip into a strawberry, lemon or orange flavoured chocolate fondue fountain!

As much as Chocolate Fountain Hire loves the summer, we’re also very realistic and understand that no matter how glorious the forecast, the Great British weather will sometimes have the last laugh. If you’re planning a garden party or an outdoor wedding reception and you’re worried about a quick change in weather conditions, fret not. Where a marquee is not available for a chocolate fountain set-up, we offer a Perspex see-through case to store the fountain within. While protecting guests from a windy chocolate splash, it also keeps out pesky summer insects. A small opening allows guests to dip into the chocolate fondue with ease, and the transparency means you still get to enjoy the chocolate fountain spectacle. Perfect!

If you’re planning an outdoor event and you’re interested in hiring chocolate fountains, speak to Chocolate Fountain Hire today for some summer savvy advice.

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