Chocolate Fountain Hire Southampton – Oceana

Chocolate Fountain Hire Southampton –¬†Oceana U18s¬†Night

SKAA and the Hampshire Police hosted an U18s night at Southampton’s Oceana this week. We were there to provide endless mini donuts and marshmallows, with a generous helping of chocolate of course. It was great to see well-behaved children having fun in a safe environment. Despite chocolate fountains being an integral party of many UK events, the flow of smooth milk chocolate still provokes a innate reaction – hmmmmmm! An entertaining night at Oceana, and as you can see above, some great photos.

Chocolate fountain hire in Southampton is just one of the strings to our bow, we travel the UK, attending some of the best venues. Providing a chocolate fountain in a nightclub always creates a party atmosphere.

What can we say, we have the best job in the world!


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