Milk Chocolate for Croydon Baptism

Milk Chocolate for Croydon Baptism.

On a bright beautiful Saturday in May the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Croydon to the beautiful venue of The Chateau. We were providing our large 5 tier milk chocolate fountain at a beautfil Baptism Party. We arrived early and set our fountain up in the upstairs rooms. We illuminated the surround pink to match the pretty decorations!

The family had spent the afternoon in church and we all gathered eagerly watch their arrival. Not normally an exciting event but this evening they had hired to fantastic pantomime dames to meet and great and entertain the guests! The ladies were fantastic and kept character wonderfully! The young girls were thrilled! They returned after dinner dancing and singing with the guests!

Before long the delicious smell of the melted belgian chocolate was drifting down the hall ways drawing quite a crowd! Sadly we had to turn them away until they had their delicious dinner in the adjoining decorated dinning room. After some touching speaches it was soon time for some fun! A great dj turned up the tunes and the guests were thrilled to tuck into the chocolate fountain! With plump marshmallows, fresh strawberries and decadent fudge they were spoiled for choice! All drenched in the heavenly melted chocolate! Such a treat!

In the room adjoining ours was a fantastic photo booth set up to record the special day! The guests, young and old were so pleased with such a fun way to record the day! With fun props and a beautful girly set up it fit the party perfectly!

As will all the fun parties it was all too soon time to pack away and head home leaving the party and dancing in full force!

milk chocolate fountain

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The sweet history of Candy Floss

The sweet history of Candy Floss

Ironically mechanically made Candy Floss was invented in 1897 by a DENTIST and his confectioner colleague. This theme continued with another American dentist patenting the name “cotton candy”.   By the 70’s an automatic cotton candy machine had been invented and the sweet treat became widely available at fairs, carnivals and shops!

Today Cotton Candy has become a food that goes hand in hand with circus and fairground days out, however further afield the making of this treat has become an art form as shown in this clip

Widely available in different colours and flavours the team at Chocolate Fountain Hire spend long days perfecting the art of creating the perfect shape for our candy floss and of course taste testing new varieties