Candy Floss and Pink fountain as sweet dessert

Candy Floss and Pink fountain as sweet dessert

All things pink was the order of the day at a recent booking. We were asked to take our chocolate fountain and candy floss to Chigwell in Essex to help celebrate  a girls third birthday party. We arrived and set up in a marquee before the guests arrived so everything would look elegant for the start of the party celebrations. There was a pink bouncy castle, teacup rides on the front drive, a DJ, balloon modeller, and of course us to keep everyone entertained. Lunch was served first and then guests started  to tuck  into our chocolate fountain and candy floss. We were asked to provide a pink chocolate fountain which is possible by using white chocolate and food colouring to bring out the desired colour – this was certainly a talking point.

Fruit was the most popular dip of the day with guests tucking into our fresh English strawberries and covering them in pink chocolate before eating them. Along side our chocolate fountain was the candy floss machine where we made fresh candy floss on sticks for guests to eat. Making the candy floss captivated an audience on many occasions during the day. The afternoon seemed to pass in a flash and in no time at all we were packing up and heading home after another fun birthday party.


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Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Recently the chocolate fountain hire team traveled the short distance to Willis Hall in  Bristol  to help the first year students celebrate their spring ball. With an Alice in Wonderland Theme we were asked to provide our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain with PINK chocolate! We use only the finest white chocolate coloured pink! Through the winding hallways signposted with traditional confusing signs guests were treated to a photo booth, teacups and of course our decadent treats!

The chocolate fountain  placed in a heart themed room and even some of the guests were dressed up, with a queen of hearts, a white rabbit and a few sets of tweedle dum and tweedle dees! They all enjoyed tucking into the variety of dipping items, we offer a vast range of dips and you are free to choose as many options as you would like!   With plump, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and  fresh juicy strawberries being the most popular they looked amazing drenched in delicious pink chocolate!

We left the guests to dance the night away and burn off some of the calories enjoyed!!


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Pink 18th Birthday Party for Jen

Pink 18th Birthday Party for Jen

Chocolate Fountain Hire are reglarly asked to colour fountains in keeping with a particular theme and  on a recent booking we  gou out our food colouring again! We were invited to the 18th birthday party of Jen, and were asked to bring a PINK chocolate fountain. We were delighted! It was a lovely evening and we set up in the specially built ‘party room’ in the garden. The theme of the party was pink, and the walls in the party room were papered pink, the napkins were pink, the birthday girl wore pink and of course the fountain chocolate was pink! We can make our fountains any colour by using natural food colouring to colour white chocolate, and the effect is fantastic!

Out in the garden there was a rodeo bull and giant garden games like ‘toss the hoop’ and connect 4. We were very popular with the guests tucking into fresh cream profiteroles, chocolate brownies, marshmallows and even jelly babies! The party was a huge success and looked set to last for many hours after we had packed up and left! Happy 18th Birthday Jen!!

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Chocolate Fountain and Fruit Palm tree Hire in Coventry

Chocolate Fountain and Fruit Palm tree Hire in Coventry

This weekend chocolate fountain hire have been in the West Midlands providing chocolate fountains and Fruit Palm trees at several events. Our first event was the christening of baby Paradise which was held at Kings Banqueting Suite. We set up our two medium sized Fruit palm trees and  chocolate fountain which was  flowing with  pink chocolate in keeping with the theme of the day. The room was superbly decorated with lots of balloons  table decor alongside the huge buffet and  to top off there was an amazing decorated cake for baby Paradise.

Our guests arrived in a fleet of stretched Limousines and soon made full use of the  pink chocolate fountain and delicious fruit from the palm trees after an initial  photo shoot around the chocolate fountain. All the guests had a great time dancing and feeding on the buffet and our chocolate fountain, this was our most exciting christening to date!!


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Dorset Chocolate Fountains

Lindsay Lohan celebrated hers in hiding at a beach house amid drink driving rumours. Meanwhile, Rihanna celebrated hers by going to the cinema after the party got cancelled. Don’t let your 21st birthday party turn into disaster – take the drama out of complicated catering and planning by sorting out your chocolate fountain hire for a celebration with celebrity status and style!

OK, so hiring a chocolate fountain for your 21st birthday party won’t get you in the pages of Heat, but it will ensure you and your guests have an incredible night, as Alison and her daughter Sara found out recently. Chocolate Fountain Hire headed to Dorchester in Dorset to provide chocolate fondue fun for Sara’s 21st birthday – but this was no ordinary chocolate fountain. The Dorset guestlist was treated to our large pink chocolate fountain, complete with a stunning illuminated pink surround. The gorgeously girly event was dressed with a pink, purple and white colour scheme, so our pink chocolate fountain and chocolate fountain surround matched perfectly.

Dorset was definitely feeling the heat that night – and we’re not talking about the mag this time – as the brave guests dipped chillis into the white chocolate fountain! There were plenty of marshmallows, creamy profiteroles, mini donuts and strawberries for those feeling less spicy however. Although a white chocolate fountain dyed pink is certainly adventurous, chillis and chocolate are an impressive feat of consumption, and Chocolate Fountain Hire definitely admired the guests that went for it.

This Dorset mother and daughter had succeeded in creating a birthday celebration worthy of a superstar – thanks to some creative customisation in the chocolate fountain hire department. With the chocolate fondue flavour, chocolate fountain surround lighting and chocolate foutain’s dips all carefully selected and accounted for, this was certainly a party the guests wouldn’t forget in a hurry!


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Bristol Chocolate Fountain

At a recent wedding in Bristol, Chocolate Fountain Hire unleashed the power of the pink chocolate fountain. Our chocolate fondue fountains prove to be the most entertaining, exciting centrepieces anyway, whatever colour or flavour they are. But there’s something about a pink chocolate fountain that really sets itself apart – as guests in Bristol using our chocolate fountain will tell you.

To creat the effect, we melt white chocolate in the fountain before adding a specifically designed pink dye. The dye is completely odourless and tasteless, so the white chocolate taste isn’t compromised in the slightest. It’s that simple – once the dye is added, the chocolate will remain pink, and our professional chocolate fountain operators will continue to add dye as the fountain is topped up. No fading on this chocolate fondue fountain!

Pink chocolate fountain hire is a perfect choice for pink colour schemes at an event, or even just as a centrepiece with added standout appeal. If you’re feeling very tickled pink, we can even provide a pink illuminated surround and pink dipping items – strawberries, pink wafers and marshmallows are all hugely popular dips whatever the chocolate flavour or colour. That’s what the wedding guests found out in Bristol.

Chocolate Fountain’s are still increasingly popular in the South West.


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Creative confectionary…

With many years of experience working with all kinds of chocolate, we thought we’d seen them all. Apparently not, we discovered, after hearing that Thinking Chocolate have launched haggis flavoured chocolate!

The Edinburgh-based chocolatier created the chocolate  inspired by the iconic national dish of Scotland.

If you’re thinking outside the chocolate box for your event, why not consider a pink coloured chocolate fountain, or even green? Get in touch with Chocolate Fountain Hire, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your ideas.

Pink Chocolate Fountain – 50th Birthday Party

Celebrating 50 years young in style with a bright pink chocolate fountain!

Our latest event on Saturday 2nd January was a great success, a 50th birthday party with a large pink chocolate fountain and small milk fondue fountain. The perfect option for a girly themed event and enough variety to keep all guests happy. We were told a non-chocolate lover was converted last night – what an achivement! We have an hunch it may have been the fresh pineapple combined with the white (but pink coloured)chocolate. Everyone loved it! A great night, great pictures.

Free Pink Chocolate Fountain!

Thanks for all your enquiries so far this year. As proof of our gratitude, the first customer to email with ‘Pink chocolate fountain’ as the subject, receives ……a small pink chocolate fountain, free with any large fountain package booked! See our Get in Touch page for our contact details.