Chocolate and sweets for surprise party in Epsom

Chocolate and sweets for surprise party in Epsom

Recently on a nice sunny day chocolate fountain hire took the trip to Epsom. Not for a day at the races but to provide a pick and mix sweet stand and a chocolate fountain. We arrived to find a catering company set up in the garden to provide burgers and  such for the guests whilst the chocolate fountain and  pick and  mix sweet stand was  to be dessert. We set  up the  pick and  mix stand  first in one of the bedrooms. The stand contains 20 varieties of sweets with scoops and  sweet shop bags for guests to make their selection and take away and  enjoy. Next came the chocolate fountain, this was set up an an adjacent bedroom which was  normally the weights room – we  think chocolate fountain are more fun than weights anyway! We set up quickly as there was  a hosts of guests eager to make a start.

The  party was a surprise 40th and  the birthday boy was indeed surprised to see so many guests at his home – some having driven from all parts of the country. In no time at all the fountain was flowing with Belgium milk chocolate and the  guests we sampling the chocolate with the array of dipping items  that we provided including strawberries, mini doughnuts, cream filled profiteroles, marshmallows and  meringues to name but a few. During the day guests young and  not so young popped into the house to sample the chocolate and of course make use of the pick and  mix sweets (lots of smiling faces were seen!) As the time came for us to pack up and leave Epsom with lots of happy faces due to the chocolate and sweet consumption.


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Lea’s Sweet Sixteen at The Four Seasons!

Lea’s Sweet Sixteen at The Four Seasons

At chocolate fountain hire we are often called upon to provide catering for some interesting events. This week we attended one such event. We were asked to provide a chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, candy floss machine and a pick n mix stand! The lucky girl was having a two day birthday celebration at The Four Season Hotel in Canary Wharf in London. We were to provide the snacks for her guests whilst they were watching DVD’s in the room that had been set up to look like a cinema! The pick n mix stand was set up in the ‘cinema’ room and the party goers helped themselves to bags of 20 different types of sweeties, including cola bottles, flying saucers, mini eggs, drumsticks, Maoman and Giant Fried Eggs! We made up lots of bags of candy floss and left on the table. We made two types of popcorn, sweet and salty and put it into cones. The chocolate fountain was set up with strawberries,  chocolate brownies, marshmallows and profiteroles.  The friends of Lea had a great time tucking in and watching the film.


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