Praline Fountain in Bicester

Praline flavoured Chocolate Fountain Hire in Bicester

On a very very wet Saturday in June the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Bicester. Our destination was  a picturesque Manor House to provide our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain for an 80th birthday party! With our party packages you can chose between milk chocolate, white chocolate and even dark chocolate. However the birthday girl had requested something a bit different for her party! Our fountain was filled to the brim with delicious Praline flavoured chocolate and the smell was amazing!

Chocolate Fountain Arrives

We arrived early to set up. The party was set in the grounds on the house and what a party it was set to be! The chocolate fountain was due set up inside a tent at the top of the field opposite an exciting looking helicopter simulator!  However we soon moved inside! Along with our treats there was a candyfloss stand, popcorn cart, candy buffet and even a pizza van!

To entertain the family and friends they were spoilt for choice! A giant inflatable pirate ship, a bubble bounce house and even a mini golf course to name but a few!

Birthday Chocolate Fountain

Quickly word spread between the guests that the chocolate was ready and they ran to great us! Fortunately as we were inside so the guests could hide from the rain while enjoying the tasty treats! The birthday girl had had a look at our list of dipping items but decided to keep it simple with just fresh juicy strawberries and fluffy marshmallows! Perfect choices to compliment the heavenly praline chocolate!

In between the bursts of rain we were lucky enough for some beautiful sunshine and the guests made full use of these moments getting involved in the activities and tucking into the tasty treats dotted around the grounds! We ran for 3 hours and this was plenty of time for everyone to eat their fill! We packed up and left the guests to enjoy their afternoon!

prauline chocolate fountain

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Pre Christmas Chocolate Fountain Party in Somerset

Pre Christmas Chocolate Fountain Party in Somerset.

On a very windy Saturday the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Cheddar to provide a chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree for a party at the Fox and Goose Pub. We arrived nice and early to set up in the entrance hall and guests were amazed to see the fruit palm tree come to life! The hotel was closed to the public for the night as staff and locals enjoyed a night of festivities before the Christmas season started.
Our majestic fruit palm trees come in 3 different sizes and are perfect for all sizes of party!

With over two hundred and fifty pieces of fruit or the smallest and over five hundred on the tallest there is always plenty for everyone! We use freshly cored out pineapples to create the tree trunk and decorate this with vibrant strawberries, succulent melon and bright kiwi fruit slices! All of the delicious fresh fruit can be enjoyed either alone or smothered in delicious Belgian chocolate!
We started the chocolate fountain flowing and everyone was soon enticed by the smell of melting Belgian chocolate drifting down the corridor! The guests tucked into mini donuts, fresh strawberries and chocolate brownies all drenched in the delicious warm milk chocolate! They delighted in the whole dipping experience and were thrilled at being able to enjoy a healthy snack alongside a naughty one!
After many delicious dips, and a few guests asking for further information for their own parties next year, we discreetly packed away the fountain. We left the remaining fresh fruits on plates for the guests to enjoy throughout the rest of the night and left them to enjoy their last night off of the season!


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Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation



 Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation

At the end of July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Yarnton Manor in Oxford to provide a chocolate fountain for a fantastic summer party! The manor is an international study centre for students taking A levels and also in the summer the school welcomes foreign students for residential courses at the summer school and we helped to celebrate their graduation!

We set up the chocolate fountain during the ceremony in a wonderful Charlie and  the Chocolate Factory themed tent and waited! We didn’t have long to wait before the excited students heard rumours of the biggest chocolate fountain they had ever seen! They were herded away by their capable camp leaders and told strictly that they must enjoy their dinner first! Not an easy thing to do when you can see what dessert is!

After dinner

After a delicious BBQ dinner they came quickly to taste the delicious desert! Again the councillors stepped in to organise the best way to feed such hungry youths! They decided upon table by table and so they came up excitedly to enjoy the heavenly Belgian chocolate drenched over fresh strawberries, chocolate brownies and sweet vanilla fudge! Students can never get enough of our chocolate fountains we think it helps the study process, eventually it was time to leave and  by the time we left and everyone had their fill from the fountain.






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Fountain Treat at Northampton Spa Day

Fountain Treat at Northampton Spa Day

At the start of August the chocolate fountain hire team headed to a beautiful village near the Silverstone racetrack, we provided our 5 tier Belgian chocolate fountain in the spa of Whittlebury Hall Hotel, we set up swiftly while the spa staff were busy preparing for a busy evening! The event was an exclusive party to show off the new Clarins range available from the spa! We illuminated our display in a vibrant red to match the unmistakable Clarins red! We served fresh strawberries, fluffy marshmallows and naughty fudge all ready to be drenched in milk chocolate! The guests arrived and were treated to a buffet supper with plenty of fresh drinks and were then invited to take a seat and were given a swift introduction and shown a few of the bestselling products. After this they were free to roam the spa facilities and were given complimentary hand and foot massages. They were also excited to finally get to try the heavenly chocolate, the smell of which had been filling the room for a while! Once everyone was suitably fed and relaxed there was even a raffle, the delighted guests were thrilled with their prizes and the evening as a whole!


Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

An old friend of ours called us about 4 months ago to tell us about his new baby son Joseph, also known as Buddy (his due date was x-mas eve and his nickname was Buddy the Elf’ after the film) Lewis’s son had been born with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrone which resulted in a lot of hospital visits and plenty of long stays as well. Lewis and his wife Donna decided to hold a fundraising ball to raise funds to update and revitalise the playroom with a sensory area , a play area and a quiet area for the young adults. We at Chocolate a Fountain Hire jumped at the chance to help an old friend out, and for such a worthy cause! We decided to offer our Photo Booth, chocolate fountain, popcorn and candy floss.

The theme of the Ball was ‘circus’ and The room at The MacDonald Botley Park Hotel was decorated beautifully with balloons and trick mirrors and a box of props on the table including hats, wigs big glasses and red clown noses! After the guests had eaten their delicious dinner and bided on the auction prizes, it was time to dance, and enjoy the goodies we provided. The photo booth was busy right from the start with guests having funny pictures taken.

The chocolate fountain was very popular, and the party goers were soon finding their appetites again for the chocolate coated delights, and the beautiful candy floss and the wonderful smelling popcorn. At the end of the Ball , Lewis and Donna were thrilled with how it had all gone, and were delighted to discover they had made over £14000.00 ! A wonderful wonderful evening for all.

candy floss and popcorn hire



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Easter Sunday wedding in Leicestershire

Easter Sunday wedding in Leicestershire

Easter Sunday in a lot of households is all about chocolate Easter eggs, but for chocolate fountain hire it meant  preparing for an Asian wedding in Leicester. We arrived in lots of time as we had two chocolate  fountains to set up as  the  family had  requested both a large  white chocolate  fountain and a  large  milk chocolate fountain. The venue was  beautifully decorated with lots of tables ready for all of the wedding guests, We set up the chocolate fountains at the back of the  room and soon after guests began to arrive. In no time at all guests were tucking into our selection of dips  on both of the chocolate fountains. The fruit selection was  very  popular, he taste  of fresh strawberries  mixed with warm Belgium chocolate  is divine! Eventually  guests  took their seats as  the bride and  groom were about to arrive with all the  ceremony that goes with it. That signaled the  arrival of the  starters and then the main course, in between which guests  poped back over  to the chocolate fountain to have a top up.  Time  flew by and soon it was time to pack up the chocolate fountains and leave Leicester and head home with guests nicely full of chocolate!

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Ladies Day at Blackheath rugby club

Ladies Day at Blackheath rugby club

Easter weekend saw chocolate fountain hire providing our services all over the country. The first event took us to Blackheath Rugby Club. It was ladies day – this is the last game of the season and is a fund raising event for breast cancer awareness, there is a giant marquee set up beside the pitch with very pink carpet and the ladies are treated to unlimited Pimms and Fizz served by topless waiters, some great music by Jayson Norris , a buffet and of course a chocolate fountain. We set up the chocolate fountain at the back of the marquee and had the chocolate flowing before the guests arrived. The marquee soon filled up and it didn’t take long before the fountain was surrounded by ladies sampling the chocolate. With the topless waiters circulating with fizz and Pimms, Jayson Norris playing some great music the party was in full swing!  The fountain was thoroughly well used with lots of strawberries, doughnuts and cream profiteroles being the most popular of our dipping items. We left at 6 pm but the party was to go on into the evening.


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kent chocolate fountain hire


Thank you to the Olympic Volunteers from Network Rail!

Thank you to the Olympic Volunteers from Network Rail!

Here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we were very excited to be asked to provide a chocolate fountain at three very special events. The events were to thank the Olympic Volunteers who so ably directed visitors around the train network to get to the Olympic events. When Network Rail were first tasked with the job of getting the visitors around the various sites and stadiums for the 14 days of the games, their motto was ‘sport not transport’ basically saying they wanted newspaper headlines to be about the excellent sporting achievements and not transport problems. They succeeded! The plan for the evening was for the guests to arrive at between 5pm and 5.30pm and to chat, have drinks and canapés. Then the highlight of the evening and introduction by the brilliant Alex Broker, who was also a presenter of the Channel 4’s The Last Leg. He did a question and answer session with an Olympian athlete and Had the audience rolling around with laughter!!! One the first night we had Laura Trott who won 2 gold medals.

Both Mat and Louise queued up to get pictures! The medals are surprising large and heavy! On the second evening we had Jody Cundy, the Para Olympian infamously disqualified 1km time trial, but still proudly displaying his bronze, and on the third evening we saw Louis Smith and his silver medal from the men’s pommel horse final. It was a great three days and the chocolate was enjoyed very much by all of the guests. A roaming photographer captured moments for the audience  to treasure! This was one of the occasions though when the chocolate fountain team was honored to be part of something as fantastic as the Olympic Games.


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Beautiful Wedding at Rock Haven, Cornwall

Beautiful Wedding at Rock Haven, Cornwall

It was a beautiful sunny day in Cornwall when chocolate fountain hire arrived at Rock Haven to set up two chocolate fountains in a marquee in the garden. The garden was beautiful with a pond and a swing.the couple had requested two large chocolate fountains, one with white chocolate and one with milk chocolate. We set up the chocolate fountains in the corner on round tables next to each other, each with an illuminated base and it looked stunning. The chocolate flowed beautifully and the fresh dips, including strawberries, fresh cream profiteroles, mini sugared donuts, fresh pineapple and marshmallows! The entertainment for the evening was provided by a brilliant Michael Bubble tribute act who had travelled all the way from Liverpool. He was great ! He looked and sounded just like Michael and was a huge success ! It was a lovely evening with clear skies and many guests mingled outside. A brilliant day!


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The Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre host Monarch Airlines

The Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre host Monarch Airlines

Chocolate Fountain Hire  were asked to provide a chocolate fountain for a corporate event being hosted at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. It was the final day of a run of corporate days being run by Monarch Airlines to promote the new ski holiday destination routes. The whole of the centre had been taken over by Monarch and a select group of regular ski holiday guests had been invited to ski, eat supper, listen to the live broadcast by Heart FM and watch a torchlight parade.

The guests were being served hot chocolate with marshmallows and hot mulled wine downstairs in the snow whilst ski-ing. When they had finished, they moved upstairs for a delicious supper, including a dish called tartiflette which is a lovely, rich peasant food, containing lots of cream, cheese, potato’s and bacon lardons! For pudding they had chocolate fountains ! The was even a  photographer to capture special moments from the event.  The chocolate fountain was very busy with the guests crowding around eating marshmallows, strawberries and the most popular was profiteroles! One boy was having a competition with himself to see how many profiteroles he could eat, he did very well! It was a great evening, very enjoyable for the guests and for us !!


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