Chocolate Fountain Hire Nottingham

Chocolate Fountain Hire Nottingham

The winter nights are drawing in closer by the day, but that doesn’t stop all you avid chocolate fanatics from booking chocolate fountain hire! Ever the all-round treat that’s always good enough to eat, you’ll never be stuck wondering what the weather will be like when you’ve got chocolate fountains at your event. Here’s just a snapshot of what’s been going on in our world of chocolate fondue.

Chocolate Fountain Hire headed to Nottingham recently –  not for the annual Goose Fair, but to attend Kirsty and Tony’s wedding reception at the stylish Britannia Hotel. Turkish Delight, meringues, mini donuts and pineapple were the dipping orders of the day, not only entertaining the evening guests but also giving the day guests an after-wedding breakfast treat in chilly Nottingham. Chocolate fountain hire is still one of the most popular ways to feed a large volume  of wedding guests with a fun, bespoke desert.

At the other end of England in surf country, Chocolate Fountain Hire visited Cornwall to provide a large Belgian milk chocolate fountain for Sarah’s wedding reception. The sleek Penventon Park Hotel provided the backdrop for her chocolate fondue fountain hire, while strawberries and Jelly Babies adorned the illuminated chocolate fountain surround. Cornwall was slightly warmer, but we didn’t have time to stick our feet in the sand and enjoy it!

Up to Lincolnshire and Chocolate Fountain Hire were visiting another wedding reception to deliver a ray of sunshine in with our fruit palm tree hire. Heidi and Robin booked a chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree together, a combination that still proves popular at wedding receptions. The Autumnal colour scheme suited the cool winds outside, but our cascading chocolate fondue with tropical fruit dips from our fruit palm display kept the guests inside.

Chocolate Fountain Hire also attended weddings, birthdays and events in London, Ascot and Bromley in Kent. Phew!

If you want to find out more about Chocolate Fountain Hire Nottingham or Chocolate Fountain Hire Lincolnshire then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fruit Palm Kit

It’s official – whether it’s wedding receptions, anniversaries, corporate events or themed parties, fruit palm tree hire is the latest trend to emerge as a staple must-have for events.

You may have seen a fruit palm display as part of a buffet or even coupled alongside chocolate fountain hire, because by nature they’re incredibly versatile. Edible fruit palm trees are fun, exotic and delicious centrepieces that can compliment a chocolate fountain by providing additional fruity dips, or provide any quantity of guests with a healthy alternative as a stand alone, novel treat. With each large fruit palm tree providing over 500 pieces of fruit, fruit palm displays feed events of any size and can be booked easily in pairs or trios.

Our edible fruit palm tree kits are designed with events in mind. The sturdy, metal fruit palm stand is practical for set-up on a table, but heavy enough to ensure the display isn’t knocked over very easily. The real fruit palm leaves atop the displays are treated to ensure the product is fire retardant, and therefore safe for events both indoors and out.

Fruit palm tree kits ensure the most incredible fruit palm displays are created for every event, impressing guests and giving events that extra “wow” factor time and time again. To find out more about fruit palm tree displays, fruit palm tree suppliers or fruit palm tree kits, make sure you visit

London Fruit Palm Tree Hire

You can’t attend as many events in London as Chocolate Fountain Hire have without picking up a thing or two about what makes a good party truly great. There are several key factors in making an event look and feel spectacular, but all good party planners will agree one of the most important factors is the venue. Once you’ve picked your venue, you need to pick the perfect decor and colour schemes – and provide your guests with an eye-catching centrepiece.

Chocolate Fountain Hire had the pleasure of visiting The Decorium in North London recently for a party thrown by Fatima. The Decorium is  a stunning, architecturally-Roman inspired building whose sole purpose is to house some of London’s most stunning events and functions. On the night, Fatima had opted for a lavish maroon and gold colour scheme to complement the glamorous interiors of the venue. She also chose chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree hire – the perfect centrepiece!

Our fruit palm tree hire is a great idea when hired with our large chocolate fondue fountains. Fruit palm tree hire in London has become increasingly popular over recent months and although they provide plenty of visual spectacle for stand-alone hire, there really is no way you can beat a chocolate fountain display alongside it.

Chocolate Fountain Hire arrived at London’s Decorium with two fruit palm trees at Fatima’s request, covered in fresh, tropical fruit pieces and with real palm leaves adorning the top of the display. Some guests at the London party dipped the fruit palm tree pieces in the chocolate fondue, while others dipped with our varied selection of bakery and confectionery items – just one of the many advantages of booking the two together.

Here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we hire out  individual fruit palm trees as well as handling orders for multiple palm trees and bookings with chocolate fountains. Our staff are experienced and professional, and will arrive, set up all displays and stay with them to make sure they’re looking fresh, tidy and good enough to eat!

Find out more about your fruit palm tree hire through Chocolate Fountain Hire today.


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