Praline Fountain in Bicester

Praline flavoured Chocolate Fountain Hire in Bicester

On a very very wet Saturday in June the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Bicester. Our destination was  a picturesque Manor House to provide our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain for an 80th birthday party! With our party packages you can chose between milk chocolate, white chocolate and even dark chocolate. However the birthday girl had requested something a bit different for her party! Our fountain was filled to the brim with delicious Praline flavoured chocolate and the smell was amazing!

Chocolate Fountain Arrives

We arrived early to set up. The party was set in the grounds on the house and what a party it was set to be! The chocolate fountain was due set up inside a tent at the top of the field opposite an exciting looking helicopter simulator!  However we soon moved inside! Along with our treats there was a candyfloss stand, popcorn cart, candy buffet and even a pizza van!

To entertain the family and friends they were spoilt for choice! A giant inflatable pirate ship, a bubble bounce house and even a mini golf course to name but a few!

Birthday Chocolate Fountain

Quickly word spread between the guests that the chocolate was ready and they ran to great us! Fortunately as we were inside so the guests could hide from the rain while enjoying the tasty treats! The birthday girl had had a look at our list of dipping items but decided to keep it simple with just fresh juicy strawberries and fluffy marshmallows! Perfect choices to compliment the heavenly praline chocolate!

In between the bursts of rain we were lucky enough for some beautiful sunshine and the guests made full use of these moments getting involved in the activities and tucking into the tasty treats dotted around the grounds! We ran for 3 hours and this was plenty of time for everyone to eat their fill! We packed up and left the guests to enjoy their afternoon!

prauline chocolate fountain

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Chocolate Fountain hire in Gosport

Chocolate Fountain Hire in Gosport

Chocolate Fountain for Gosport Mess Function

With the party season in full swing the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Gosport. We were there to help the WO2’s and Sgts celebrate their Christmas Mess Do! We arrived as they were enjoying pre drinks, dressed in their finest gowns and smartest suits. As the guests departed to the dining hall we swiftly set up the fountain in the bar area. The Chocolate Fountain stands an impressive 7ft tall on top of the table and has 5 tiers from which the Belgian milk chocolate flows gracefully.

Strawberries for Chocolate Fountain

We illuminated the base as requested in a pale blue; We can light this in many different colours to match almost all colour themes! Around the illuminated display we set our tasteful china bowls filled with appealing treats for the guests to dip into the melted chocolate. Mounds of fresh red strawberries, soft pink and white marshmallows and pyramids of chocolate brownies. Not to forget mini donuts were among the many dipping items chosen!

Indulging in the Chocolate Fountain

After the dinner the guests returned to the bar area eagerly following the divine scent that had been drifting down the hall way. They soon indulged in the tasty treats and were not disappointed! The guests enjoyed all the treats but fudge and bananas were considered to be the nights’ favourites and many recommendations were passed around of “you HAVE to try this!” With our list of around 20 different items. you and your guests will be spoilt for choice, this is why we don’t charge you to choose!

Home time for the Chocolate Fountain

Before long the band had started up and copies of fantastic professional photographers were being passed around, a great way to remember a great night!

chocolate fountain

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White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding

White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding.

On a bright sunny Saturday the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the beautiful town of Windsor. We set up out stunning 5 tier white chocolate fountain while the guests enjoyed a short break after a delicious 3 course dinner. As the guests returned to the room the scent of delicious melted chocolate had filled the room. Our most popular choice for the chocolate fountain is Belgian Milk chocolate, however the bridge had requested her absolute favourite white chocolate and we were happy to oblige!

Served alongside the fountain were a delicious mix of fresh fruit, cream filled profiteroles and yummy chocolate brownies. After the first dance the bride and groom took part in a “first dip” of the fountain, carefully feeding each other a fresh strawberry drenched in delicious white chocolate!

A moment eagerly watched by all the guests as this signalled the opening of the fountain and they could dig in! And they definitely did! Plate fulls of fresh donuts, gingerbread men and bowls of marshmallows were consumed with glee!

As the party got going we discreetly packed away the fountain and left leaving the bride, groom and guests dancing the night away!



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18th Birthday Party for Sophie in Crawley

18th Birthday Party for Sophie in Crawley

It was a lovely evening when we travelled to The Hoppers in Crawley for the birthday party of Sophie. It was her 18th birthday, and what better an occasion for a big party with friends, family and Party Booth Hire and Chocolate Fountain Hire! We arrived at the pub and set up in the function room which was huge!

We set the photo booth up and the chocolate fountain next to it. The photos were set up with a bespoke border and text, the brief we had from Sophie’s Dad was the she was a dancer and she hated pink! The chocolate fountain was very popular, the delicious dipping items were coated in the glossy milk chocolate. As the evening moved on, the photo booth got very busy with Sophie having lots of pictures with her friends.





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Office treat for computer firm

Office treat for computer firm

Our chocolate fountains are often used for lots of fun reasons such as weddings, parties, product launches and exhibitions, however recently we were asked to the offices of Azlan UK to provide an all day fountain to reward some great work that the staff had put in recently. We arrived and set up the chocolate fountain in the foyer, most of the staff was unaware of this and news and of course, the smell of the warming Belgium chocolate spread throughout the office so it wasn’t long before staff started popping down to sample the treats on offer.

We operated the fountain all day so that the staff could pop down as and when they wanted to (some staff more than others!). Our cold cream filled profiteroles were the most popular item of the day with the fruit being avoided! However one staff member did manage to get an entire banana on a skewer to dip into the fountain At Chocolate Fountain Hire we think that chocolate fountains should be part of every office working day!!!


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