Chocolate Fountain Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the happiest place in the UK according to a 2007 survey, where a hearty 82% of residents questioned said they were very happy with their life. Perhaps it’s to do with all the chocolate fountain’s? Bournemouth has become one of our most regular haunts over the years and we’re always thrilled when we get a chance to visit.

Our most recent visit took us to the Cumberland Hotel – a cliff-top venue with stunning art-deco interiors – for Michelle and Rob’s wedding reception. Chocolate Fountain Hire provided a large milk chocolate fountain with plenty of strawberries, bananas and marshmallows for dipping. The choice for chocolate fondue hire complemented the sumptuous black, white and hot pink colour scheme perfectly, and the chocolate fountain itself looked more than a bit tempting set-up beneath a sparkling chandelier.

Chocolate fondue hire remains a popular favourite for wedding receptions and civil partnership ceremonies. It encourages interaction around a common focal point, and gives everyone a chocolate fountain treat in the process!

Rob and Michelle’s guests had a wonderful time and proved there may be some truth in that survey. Happiest place in the UK or not though, you always know that where there’s smiles and chocolatey fingers in Bournemouth, there’s never a chocolate fountain far away.


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Chocolate Fountains Hire gets the X Factor!

Chocolate Fountain Hire visited Portsmouth recently, for Julie’s 40th Birthday Party at the Farmhouse Inn Lodge. After previous birthdays where Julie had been pregnant and unable to drink, her husband promised her an extra special knees-up for her 40th. And what a celebration is was!

The black and pink colour theme gave the venue a sense of glamour, which guests loved. Soon after arrival Julie’s friends and family starting tucking into the chocolate fondue, dipping an array of mini donuts, cream filled profiteroles and vanilla fudge into the chocolate fountain. Portsmouth definitely know how to throw a great party!

Entertainment on the night was supplied by none other than 2006 X Factor finalist Ben Mills, who sung two live sets to the party in Portsmouth. Chocolate Fountain Hire loved it, as did the guests.

Parties and birthday celebrations are a great reason to treat yourself and your friends when you want the night to be extra special. Live entertainment is a great talking point for guests, just like a chocolate fountain.


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