Ladies Day at Blackheath rugby club

Ladies Day at Blackheath rugby club

Easter weekend saw chocolate fountain hire providing our services all over the country. The first event took us to Blackheath Rugby Club. It was ladies day – this is the last game of the season and is a fund raising event for breast cancer awareness, there is a giant marquee set up beside the pitch with very pink carpet and the ladies are treated to unlimited Pimms and Fizz served by topless waiters, some great music by Jayson Norris , a buffet and of course a chocolate fountain. We set up the chocolate fountain at the back of the marquee and had the chocolate flowing before the guests arrived. The marquee soon filled up and it didn’t take long before the fountain was surrounded by ladies sampling the chocolate. With the topless waiters circulating with fizz and Pimms, Jayson Norris playing some great music the party was in full swing!  The fountain was thoroughly well used with lots of strawberries, doughnuts and cream profiteroles being the most popular of our dipping items. We left at 6 pm but the party was to go on into the evening.


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15th Birthday Party at Canary Warf

15th Birthday Party at Canary Warf

This weekend Chocolate fountain hire  were asked back to the Four Seasons in London to provide a Milk Chocolate fountain and a pick n mix stand for Laura’s 15th Birthday Party being held in The River Room. Earlier in the year we had set up in the same room for Laura’s sister Sweet 16th birthday party, and it was great to be asked again for Laura’s Party. The whole family are so friendly and polite, it is a joy to come back. The Pick and Mix Sweet  stand was a great success with the young guests who had all come upstairs to enjoy a movie. The chocolate fountain had a lot of use as well, with the girls piling fresh fruit onto their sticks and putting into the creamy smooth warm chocolate.


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Sooty, Sweep and Soo too all love the chocolate fountain

Sooty, Sweep and Soo too all love the chocolate fountain

When chocolate fountain hire were asked to provide a chocolate fountain for The Sooty show in Central London, we all started reminiscing about naughty Sweep and sensible Soo and the whispering Sooty that we used to watch of old. The team of Sooty, Sweep and Soo now all live with Richard Cadell. The chocolate fountain was needed for a party being held after the 11 am performance. We arrived in the Garrick theatre in the west end and set up the chocolate fountain in the lounge whilst the show was going on. At the end of the show  the invited guests were  treated to a reception which included drinks, and adult sized sooty, our chocolate fountain and of course Richard Cadell with sooty. It didn’t take long for guests  to tuck into the chocolate fountain, with marshmallows being amongst the favourite to dip into the chocolate fountain and even sooty managed  to test a strawberry dipped into the Belgium chocolate flowing through the chocolate fountain!

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Birthday Party gathering at Regents Park Barracks

Birthday Party gathering at Regents Park Barracks

At Chocolate Fountain Hire we like all sorts of events, but our favourite ones are family gatherings, and recently we were invited to provide a milk chocolate fountain for a 50th birthday party celebration that was also a pre Christmas family and friends gathering. Our booking took us to the Officers Mess at the Regents Park Barracks in London. Upon arrival we set up the chocolate fountain in the lounge area in time to have the chocolate fountain ready for when the party guests arrived. The room was decorated in true Christmas style complete with a large Christmas tree and presents, and the guests were served canapes and drinks before their main meal. The chocolate fountain was intended to be the dessert, however some of the guests had some before the meal, all in the interest of quality control of course! With the end of the meal, guests were eager to test the chocolate fountain. I am sure some guests actually ran for the fountain! We provided a selection of dipping items that included meringues, mini doughnuts, cream profiteroles, marshmallows, strawberries and mango. By far the favourite item at the party were cream profiteroles. When dipped into the chocolate fountain the warm of the chocolate combining with the cold of the cream is a really nice taste. Speeches and  cutting of the birthday cake signalled the end of the party and in no time at all it was time to pack up and leave London for a few days at least!


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Chocolate relief for busy business meeting!

Chocolate relief for busy business meeting

The Chocolate fountain hire team headed to Sunnydale Park in Ascot for an evening buffet. We are regulars here, popping up to provide chocolate fountains for the afternoon tea break for the Evelyn Sharp centre. This centre is part of the hotel and is for business seminars. The clients usually stay for a week with their company and it is a great chance to meet members of the company you work for. It is a fully bespoke business centre with library, full IT services, lots of ‘break out’ rooms and it is all fully catered. This time we were one of the puddings for a hot and cold buffet for the employees of Oracle. The chocolate fountain was used for the delegates to have a treat in a break period before going back to their team building events. In no time at all the delegates were dipping items into the chocolate fountain, we supplied a vast array of dipping items for the guests to choose from. With the break period finished it was time for the delegates to go back to work and for chocolate fountain hire to head home.


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London Fruit Palm Tree Hire

You can’t attend as many events in London as Chocolate Fountain Hire have without picking up a thing or two about what makes a good party truly great. There are several key factors in making an event look and feel spectacular, but all good party planners will agree one of the most important factors is the venue. Once you’ve picked your venue, you need to pick the perfect decor and colour schemes – and provide your guests with an eye-catching centrepiece.

Chocolate Fountain Hire had the pleasure of visiting The Decorium in North London recently for a party thrown by Fatima. The Decorium is  a stunning, architecturally-Roman inspired building whose sole purpose is to house some of London’s most stunning events and functions. On the night, Fatima had opted for a lavish maroon and gold colour scheme to complement the glamorous interiors of the venue. She also chose chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree hire – the perfect centrepiece!

Our fruit palm tree hire is a great idea when hired with our large chocolate fondue fountains. Fruit palm tree hire in London has become increasingly popular over recent months and although they provide plenty of visual spectacle for stand-alone hire, there really is no way you can beat a chocolate fountain display alongside it.

Chocolate Fountain Hire arrived at London’s Decorium with two fruit palm trees at Fatima’s request, covered in fresh, tropical fruit pieces and with real palm leaves adorning the top of the display. Some guests at the London party dipped the fruit palm tree pieces in the chocolate fondue, while others dipped with our varied selection of bakery and confectionery items – just one of the many advantages of booking the two together.

Here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we hire out  individual fruit palm trees as well as handling orders for multiple palm trees and bookings with chocolate fountains. Our staff are experienced and professional, and will arrive, set up all displays and stay with them to make sure they’re looking fresh, tidy and good enough to eat!

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London Chocolate Fountains

The Chocolate Fountain Hire team were in the presence of true celebrity recently, or celebrities by pixel standards, as we provided chocolate fountain’s in London for the Hammond’s LLP Pre-Premiere screening of Toy Story 3D! Over 150 priveledged guests were invited to the Saturday morning event at London’s swanky Mayfair Hotel, and were greeted by childrens’ entertainers, a sweet stand, hatmaking workshops and the opportunity to have their photo’s snapped with Buzz and Woody. Chocolate Fountain Hire would be lying if we said we didn’t consider angling for an autograph!

But we had more pressing matters at hand. With our two mini milk chocolate fountain’s and towering 7ft fruit palm tree display, the London guests were treated to plentyof tasty treats and a visual spectacle from our tropical display.

Organised by Hammond LLP and one of London’s leading childrens’ party organisers, this event was certainly unforgettable, and that was before the guests had even gone in to see the film! Toy Story 3D is soon due for a general release, but the early screening was a huge treat for the lucky youngsters in London. Chocolate Fountain Hire can’t wait to see the film in all it’s glory – we wonder if any cinema would mind us providing our own popcorn cart?

Corporate events are a great opportunity to use the combined wow-factor of chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree hire. Both are already popular on the London events scene, and Chocolate Fountain Hire are thrilled to provide both.


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Chocolate Fountain Hire visit the Barbican, London

Did you know that the Barbican Centre is the largest multi-arts centre in Europe? With over four years firmly established within the fields of conferencing and the arts, it’s no surprise that this popular venue is home to many of the biggest events in London. Chocolate Fountain Hire visited recently to supply a chocolate fondue for a corporate event organised by one of London’s biggest solicitor firms.

The stunning interiors are what make this London venue so special. The Garden Room and Conservatory, bursting with green plants and foliage, provided a stunning backdrop for our chocolate fountain and brought a sense of the outdoors inside. Guests at the evening event were treated to a champagne reception and dinner, before visiting our Belgian milk chocolate fountain to dip an exotic mix of grapes, coconut bites and melon pieces. The glamorous evening continued late into the night, with music and our chocolate fountain entertaining the London guestlist.

Corporate events, whether targetting clients or staff, are a great way to get everybody together outside of a work environment. Chocolate fountains assist in providing an entertaining focal point, whilst encouraging guest interaction. If you’ve ever been to a corporate event with a chocolate fondue fountain, you’ll remember the delicious cascading chocolate and the sweet smell of bakery and fruity dipping items. It’s a sensation that standard deserts or buffet’s can’t beat.

And if you’re planning an event, whether it’s a cosy village hall or a major venue in London, Chocolate Fountain Hire work to ensure our arrival, set-up and departure run smoothly and in accordance with your planning.


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Chocolate Fountain Hire gets Closer in London…

We don’t usually turn to Star Trek for inspiration, but as Trekkie-favourite Deanna Troi once said, “I’ve never met a chocolate I don’t like.” Here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we couldn’t possibly agree more. What better way is there to say “I Love You”, “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” than with a cascading chocolate fountain?

London-based celebrity magazine Closer wanted to say it with chocolate recently – “congratulations”, that is – as they celebrated the launch of their brand new weekly food section (you heard it here first!). Chocolate Fountain Hire were invited to provide the fondue fountain for magazine staff and guests, at London’s Penthouse, 1 Leicester Square. Armed with more dips than you could shake a copy of Closer at, including sugared donuts, chocolate brownies and mini gingerbread men, guests at the trendy London venue couldn’t keep away from the chocolate fountain fun.

The night was one to rival any celebrity bash you might find documented in the pages of the UK’s best-selling celeb magazine. Aside from the free-flowing chocolate fondue fountain, a raffle offering cash prizes up to the value of £1000 caused serious excitement and music courtesy of a Kiss Radio DJ got the dancefloor moving. Chocolate Fountain Hire loves visiting London!

Planning to wow guests with a chocolate fountain in London? Want to give a corporate event some celebrity status rather than the Trekkie touch? Chocolate Fountain Hire are on hand to help with our stunning fondue fountain displays, luxurious range of dips and tempting chocolate fondue flavours.


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