Chocolate Fountain Hire in Southampton

When it comes to planning a wedding in Southampton, chocolate fountain hire is definitely the easy part – budding brides and grooms are spoilt for choice on nearly every other decision. From choosing between a traditional Quay side venue or the contemporary Princess Caroline ship, to picking a gown from one of the hundreds of bridal boutiques East and West of the Docks, there’s definitely a world of weddings in Southampton. Chocolate fountain’s remain firm must-haves though, wherever the ceremony and whatever the dress looks like.

Chocolate Fountain Hire visited Southampton recently for Jamie and Jodie’s wedding reception at the popular Botley Park Hotel. Amidst a sumptuous colour scheme of burgundy and ivory, guests sampled our large milk chocolate fondue with an array of fruity treats including green grapes, pineapple and, at special request, clementines.

Jamie and Jodie’s guests loved the choices the pair made for their big day in Southampton. Chocolate Fountain Hire love attending wedding receptions, and although every wedding is truly unique, the common love of chocolate fountains is shared by all the guests we meet.

If you’re planning your wedding reception in Southampton, Chocolate Fountain Hire can make sure your chocolate fondue hire runs nothing but smoothly. A bit like our chocolate really!


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Chocolate Fountain Hire Southampton

The University of Southampton’s Christian Society held a social recently in Bliss Club Rooms, Southampton. Chocolate fountain hire‘s a great idea for socials and club meetings, as the students found out after we supplied them with a Belgian milk chocolate fountain and lots of fruity dipping items.

Everyone arrived at the popular Southampton venue looking glamourous. The dark nightclub lighting gave the chocolate fountain and it’s illuminated pink surround a glowing quality that stood out all night, and kept the society members coming back for more dips in the chocolate fondue. Southampton student’s definitely know how to have a good time, as the party continued late into the night.

Chocolate fountains provide not only a stylish, mouthwatering centre piece for any event, but also offer a great talking point at socials. Throughout the evening, society members chatted around the chocolate fountain whilst dipping fudge and strawberries, creating a lively club atmosphere.

A chocolate fountain also acts as a terrific treat for your club or team. What better way to get members to socialise, or to congratulate a team effort than with chocolate fondue fun?


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