Popcorn and Candy Floss for Kent Wedding

Popcorn and Candy Floss for Kent Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and a recent wedding took the chocolate fountain hire team to the seaside town of Broadstairs. We arrived at the Botany Bay hotel which is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the beach and fantastic views of the beach… on a sunny Sunday afternoon what more could you want. Once inside the hotel we were shown where to set up the Popcorn machine and Candy floss which was on a long table next to the dance floor where the DJ was starting to play some background music.
When we were set up we started to make some fresh popcorn so that we had plenty of supplies made for our start time. The bride had requested that we made sweet popcorn; this is done using a special caramel glaze whilst cooking the popcorn and tastes fantastic! After about ten minutes we had plenty of supplies made and had attracted quite an audience who were fascinated by watching the popcorn pop out of its kettle. The bride was one of the first people to use the candy floss; we even managed to get a picture of her before the quest started! From then on we made candy floss to order either on sticks or bags and the popcorn was in cones. The evening was a very laid back family reception which made for a great atmosphere with little boys skidding over the dance floor as they do while girls were trying to dance around them!
We were kept very busy but eventually our time came to an end and we had to pack up for the journey home. But before we did we make lots of supplies of both candy floss and popcorn to leave in bags for the guests to enjoy after we left. We discretely packed away while the guests danced away the rest of the evening.




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Popcorn and candy floss for summer fete in Tunbridge Wells

Popcorn and candy floss for summer fete in Tunbridge Wells

Recently  the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the local village hall in Tunbridge Wells to provide our popcorn and candyfloss machines for the local village fete. We set up in the sunshine outside with stalls filling up full of local produce.

Popcorn Cart hire provides you the opportunity to hire your very own Popcorn machine for your Function or Event. Recreate the smell and taste of the fairground with our amazing retro carts.

Our carts come complete with everything you will need, uniformed member of staff, choice of salted or sweet popcorn, tubs and cones. The popcorn will be freshly made on site for you and your guests at your event and served in old fashioned cones.

Our Candy Floss carts come complete with everything you’ll need, uniformed member of staff, choices of coloured candy floss, sticks, bags or tubs.

The Candy Floss will be freshly made for you and your guests at your event.The ultimate addition to really make your event stand out from the crowd! Click here for more information about Candy Floss Hire.

As the guests arrived we were rushed off our feet with children and adults alike wanting to enjoy our delicious treats! With pink candyfloss served either on a stick ready to eat or in a bag to save for later and sweet or salted popcorn served in traditional cones the smell was as enticing as the wonderful bright colours of our carts!

We served our delicious treats for 3 hours and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.


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Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

An old friend of ours called us about 4 months ago to tell us about his new baby son Joseph, also known as Buddy (his due date was x-mas eve and his nickname was Buddy the Elf’ after the film) Lewis’s son had been born with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrone which resulted in a lot of hospital visits and plenty of long stays as well. Lewis and his wife Donna decided to hold a fundraising ball to raise funds to update and revitalise the playroom with a sensory area , a play area and a quiet area for the young adults. We at Chocolate a Fountain Hire jumped at the chance to help an old friend out, and for such a worthy cause! We decided to offer our Photo Booth, chocolate fountain, popcorn and candy floss.

The theme of the Ball was ‘circus’ and The room at The MacDonald Botley Park Hotel was decorated beautifully with balloons and trick mirrors and a box of props on the table including hats, wigs big glasses and red clown noses! After the guests had eaten their delicious dinner and bided on the auction prizes, it was time to dance, and enjoy the goodies we provided. The photo booth was busy right from the start with guests having funny pictures taken.

The chocolate fountain was very popular, and the party goers were soon finding their appetites again for the chocolate coated delights, and the beautiful candy floss and the wonderful smelling popcorn. At the end of the Ball , Lewis and Donna were thrilled with how it had all gone, and were delighted to discover they had made over £14000.00 ! A wonderful wonderful evening for all.

candy floss and popcorn hire



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Candy floss is sweet success at Wiltshire wedding


Candy floss is sweet success at Wiltshire wedding.

On a sunny July afternoon the chocolate fountain hire team had a change of pace and provided our delightful candyfloss machine at a lovely wedding in the Wiltshire countryside. A picturesque wedding wonderfully decorated with a vintage theme the bride and groom were blessed with good weather for their mostly outdoor wedding reception.

With tombola, cake competition, guess the name of the bear, vintage lolly bicycle and many other stands the candyfloss machine fit in perfectly! We decorated the machine with a baby pink chiffon ribbon and served pink candyfloss freshly made in bags and on sticks for all the guests!

We serve unlimited portions on candy floss and it is made fresh in front of your guests! We can offer a variety of colours and flavours depending on what your personal preference is! Pink, blue, green or white! Raspberry, strawberry or even bubblegum! YUMMY!


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The sweet history of Candy Floss

The sweet history of Candy Floss

Ironically mechanically made Candy Floss was invented in 1897 by a DENTIST and his confectioner colleague. This theme continued with another American dentist patenting the name “cotton candy”.   By the 70’s an automatic cotton candy machine had been invented and the sweet treat became widely available at fairs, carnivals and shops!

Today Cotton Candy has become a food that goes hand in hand with circus and fairground days out, however further afield the making of this treat has become an art form as shown in this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nchZC0imsGU

Widely available in different colours and flavours the team at Chocolate Fountain Hire spend long days perfecting the art of creating the perfect shape for our candy floss and of course taste testing new varieties

Keele University Pharmacy Students Rock!

Keele University Pharmacy Students Rock

The Chocolate Fountain Hire attended the Keele University School of Pharmacy Ball for the second year running! This year we were bringing extra goodies in the form of Candy Floss and Popcorn, as well as Chocolate Fountain and Pick and Mix Stand!  With  60 kgs of assorted pick and mix favourites for guests to help themselves to, the  pick and mix hire is always popular. We were asked to bring extra supplies of Giant Strawberries, as this is the organizers favourite! We loaded her up a bag of these before the Ball started so she definitely got some!  With the chocolate fountain set up, the pick and mix stand fully stocked, bags of candy floss made and the popcorn machine full up, it was time to announce that they were open for use.

All of the stands were very well used, with the candy floss being very popular! The pink, fluffy sugar treat was a real favourite with lots of the guests re-discovering the delicious taste!  In the few moments that the student could tear themselves away from the sweet foom there was also a photographer in attendance offering portrait photographs as a momento of the event.The evening was a great success as always and the Pick and Mix stand was stripped out, with guests loading up their bags with coke bottles, mega lollies and jelly beans, enough to nibble on for the rest of the night!


Lea’s Sweet Sixteen at The Four Seasons!

Lea’s Sweet Sixteen at The Four Seasons

At chocolate fountain hire we are often called upon to provide catering for some interesting events. This week we attended one such event. We were asked to provide a chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, candy floss machine and a pick n mix stand! The lucky girl was having a two day birthday celebration at The Four Season Hotel in Canary Wharf in London. We were to provide the snacks for her guests whilst they were watching DVD’s in the room that had been set up to look like a cinema! The pick n mix stand was set up in the ‘cinema’ room and the party goers helped themselves to bags of 20 different types of sweeties, including cola bottles, flying saucers, mini eggs, drumsticks, Maoman and Giant Fried Eggs! We made up lots of bags of candy floss and left on the table. We made two types of popcorn, sweet and salty and put it into cones. The chocolate fountain was set up with strawberries,  chocolate brownies, marshmallows and profiteroles.  The friends of Lea had a great time tucking in and watching the film.


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Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

At Chocolate Fountain Hire we love nothing more than being invited back to provide chocolatle fountains for previous customers.We were very pleased to be asked back to Alfa Laval to provide Chocolate Fountains and a fruit palm tree for their annual Christmas party held in their offices. We were asked to do something different this year, so we provided three small chocolate fountains, a medium fruit palm tree and a candy floss machine! The chocolate fountains were milk, white and a red one! We make the red fountain by adding organic natural food colouring to white chocolate, and it goes as red as we like! We arranged the chocolate fountains in the middle of a table and wrapped festive red organza around them all, and dotted the dips in their white china bowls around them. The fruit palm tree was covered with fresh melon, Satsuma’s, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi fruit and grapes, it looks delicious. The chocolate fountains were very well used with guests enjoying cream filled profiteroles; mini sugared donuts, marshmallows, fudge, jelly babies, pink wafers and lots more! The candy floss was a HUGE success, with guests queuing up for baby pink candy floss on a stick, and it smelt delicious! The whole Christmas party was lots of fun, and the employees of Alfa Laval went back to work in the afternoon full of fresh fruit, red chocolate and candy floss!!


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Candy Floss Machine Hire

There’s something about cotton candy floss that reminds Chocolate Fountain Hire of a trip to the fairground, or a carnival. Candy floss is always associated with a treat, or a special occasion – for this reason, a candy floss machine is a very unique feature for any event.

Chocolate Fountain Hire regularly receive candy floss hire requests and we’re  always happy to oblige. Our candy floss machine hire is available throughout the UK for any type of function. The machine is manned by a uniformed operator throughout the entire event, who’ll keep the cotton candy spinning and ensure there’re plenty of candy floss sticks so guests can all sample some.

When considering candy floss machine hire, consider this unique treat as a great addition to your chocolate fountain hire. The combination of a large chocolate fountain and a candy floss machine will always leave guests impressed. Both are interactively fun and offer a great alternative to cake or standard sweets.

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