Candy Buffet

Here on the Chocolate Fountain Hire blog we’re always talking, well, about chocolate fountains! But we’re more than just purveyors of chocolate fountains, and some of our clients will be the first to tell you just that. As well as chocolate fondue hire and fruit palm tree hire, we now offer candy buffet hire for those after a uniquely sweet-tasting experience.

Our sweet  buffets come complete with a wide range of contemporary glass jars and bowls in all shapes and sizes, for an authentically traditional sweet-shop feel. The candy jars help display the candy buffet in all it’s glory and look elegant and sophisticated for a wedding, whilst being fun for a birthday or party. We also decorate our candy display with matching cloths, rose petals and organza to complement your colour scheme or event theme.

No candy display is complete without a traditional pick n’ mix feel to it, so we supply paper bags and aluminium scoops with all of our candy buffets. This allows guests the opportunity to scoop and choose the sweets and chocolates they want for added fun, and provides a novel feature to entertain the kids with (even the big kids!). Candy buffets for this reason make a great memento for your guests – they can pick and mix the sweets to take home with them.

We haven’t even touched upon what it is that makes a candy display so special – and that’s the sweets and candies themselves! A candy buffet is only as good as the sweets on hand. With a huge choice of candies – ranging from retro liquorice, gobstoppers and sherbert space ships to fun gummies, jelly babies and marshmalllows, a candy buffet gives your guests fun and variety. Go bright and colourful with lovehearts and lollipops, or go elegantly traditional with imperial mints and bonbons. Guests of all ages will find it hard to resist our candy buffet!

If you want to find out more about candy buffet displays, or the choice of traditional sweets we can offer, get in touch today.

Windsor Chocolate Fountains and Fruit Palms

Some wedding receptions blow you away – it’s fair to say that Andy and Nilusha’s wedding reception did just that in Windsor! Chocolate Fountain Hire had the pleasure of attending armed with three of our fruit palm trees, and one large Belgian milk chocolate fountain for all the guests.

Other features on the day at this Sri Lankan wedding included a gift well, a wish tree and several large water features – as well as one of our bespoke candy buffets. Chocolate Fountain Hire didn’t realise you could find a fairytale wedding in Windsor!

Chocolate fountain’s are still a firm, staple favourite at wedding receptions thanks to the glamour and spectacle they provide. When coupled with fruit palm tree hire, chocolate fondue fountains become truly special. Some guests will eat the fruit from the fruit palm trees, and others will dip the fruit into the cascading Belgian chocolate fountain for extra fun.

Our candy buffet also proved to be a hit; Every aspect of the buffet was designed with the chocolate and teal colour scheme in mind. Blue bonbons, After Eight mints and a whole selection of sweet treats made this one very sophisticated selection of sweets. With a selection of aluminium scoops and paper bags on hand, guests could take a selection of sweets home with them, or give the children a novel, tasty activity.

Chocolate Fountain Hire are capable of providing all aspects of your unique event catering. Our dedicated staff provide everything you need on the day, while ensuring our chocolate fountains look fabulous, our fruit palm trees remain fruity and our candy buffets stay sweet.

To find out more about fruit palm tree hire, chocolate fountain hire or candy buffet hire, speak to one of the Chocolate Fountain Hire team today.


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