Chocolate Cake On TV

Mark it in your diary – Monday 15th February at 8:30pm, BBC2. Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets focuses next week on chocolate. Watch the master make mousse, fondant and cafe creme.

We also took inspiration from Alan Titchmarsh’s show last week (who’d have thought it!), where Rosemary Shrager made a ‘healthy’ chocolate sponge. Guess what we’re making today!  Contact us if you would like the recipe.

Just up our street!

What Chocolate Means To The British This interesting article touches on how British people see certain brands as typically British. The Cadbury’s takeover by an American firm appears to have shaken the country and has been viewed as a threat to the English traditional brand. This makes us question, what do our brands mean to us? When we go abroad, what is it about home that we miss the most? Would it be our bar of Dairy Milk, the annual Creme Egg? Or is it the comforting thought that  British traditions, on the whole, remain ever present?

Long live British chocolate!

Big Brother Chocolate Fountain

It’s rumoured as being the last Celebrity Big Brother, but last night one of our previous chocolate fountains operated by Ian and Kate were invited into the Channel 4 studio.

Make sure you tune into Channel 4 tonight at 9pm to watch the housemates indulge.

Cadbury’s Takeover

In the news today is the takeover of Cadbury’s by food giant Kraft.  This will mean the potential loss of up to 7,000 UK jobs. Although we don’t use Cadbury’s chocolate in our fountains, we love the brand as a traditional UK company. It’s always sad to see another company finish trading in this country.

This news got us thinking…..what is our favourite Cadbury’s chocolate product? Answer:

The Crunchie!

Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Ever heard about a Fruit Palm Tree and wondered what it is? Let us fill you in…

Fruit palm trees are a fruit display in the form of a large ‘tree’ made from cored pineapples. The fruit palm tree is used by guests who take a piece of skewered fruit and either eat straight away or dip into a chocolate fondue fountain.


Fruit palm tree hire is perfect for a wedding fruit centrepiece as part of a buffet, a themed party, (think tropical beach!), or as a fresh fruit display at a corporate event.

Fruit palm tree loves being presented as double dipping display with it’s naughty sister – the Chocolate Fountain. Indulge in fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, melon and kiwi coated in deliciously warm Belgian chocolate.

Reasons to hire a Fruit Palm Tree:

Healthy addition to any party or gathering

Complements all desserts including chocolate fondue

At least one of your ‘Five A Day’!

Fruit Palm Trees look spectular with swaying palm tree leaves and beach themed display

So go on, treat yourself!