Hen night chocolate fountain hire

Hen night chocolate fountain hire

All girls love chocolate so what could be better than incorporating lots of delicious chocolate in your hen night! Chocolate fountains are luxurious and all the hens will be desperate to dip some of the beautiful fruits and delicious marshmallows into the soft velvety chocolate fountain!

No matter where you’re having your hen party there is always room for a chocolate fountain!  Especially if like hundreds of other hens you choose to have your hen party at home.

‘Stay at home hen parties’ are becoming increasingly popular especially with the current economic climate. If you share your house with your fiancé already get him out the house for the weekend and invite your nearest and dearest round for some girlie fun!

There are so many fun things you can do, get everyone to bring some make up and turn it into a pamper party, watch some DVDs or have a good old fashioned house party. Don’t forget the all important hen night accessories too! A hen party isn’t a hen party without some willy straws and a novelty veil for the bride to be.

So next time you’re planning a hen party why not have a ‘stay at home hen’, add a few bottles of wine and some music and you’re good to go!

Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Chocolate fountain’s are  a firm favourite as  desserts and buffets as anyone who has  been to a  wedding, birthday party or function recently will know. But here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we’re able to offer another kind of sweet-tasting treat for those special occasions in the form of our fruit palm trees.

If you don’t know what a fruit palm tree is, or how to hire one, don’t worry – we’re about to explain.

Standing approximately 7ft tall when set-up on a table, our fruit palms offer guests 500 pieces of exotic fruit. The stem of the fruit tree is made from pineapples, and the fruit is attached to the tree stem using cocktail sticks, making it easy for guests to help themselves.

The fruit palm tree display makes a great addition to a buffet as they provide a fantastic visual spectacle.  Our fresh fruit displays also have that extra special something, because we’re the only company to provide real palm leaves for decoration!

The  palm leaves drape exotically from the very top of the fruit palm tree and hang over your guests, creating a tropical fruity paradise!

Our tropical fruit tree hire is completely safe and easy to set-up for your event. The leaves the palm tree are treated and flame retardant, so stay looking lush and green throughout the entire duration of the your event. Even if you think you’re wilting, our fruit palm tree’s certainly won’t!

Reasons to hire a Fruit Palm Tree:

Healthy addition to any party or gathering

Complements all desserts including chocolate fondue

At least one of your ‘Five A Day’!

Fruit Palm Trees look spectular with swaying palm tree leaves and beach themed display



Fruit palm tree hire is perfect for a wedding fruit centrepiece as part of a buffet, a themed party, (think tropical beach!), or as a fresh fruit display at a corporate event.

Fruit palm tree loves being presented as double dipping display with it’s naughty sister – the Chocolate Fountain. Indulge in fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, melon and kiwi coated in deliciously warm Belgian chocolate.

Rachel Stevens Hits the Chocolate Music Box

S Club 7 star and all round gorgeous girl Rachel Stevens is set to appear in a new Cadbury’s chocolate Flake advert, promoting a competition where chocaholics can win Benefit lipsticks. In the glamourous new ad, Rachel appears as a ballerina in a music box.

We can’t say eating chocolate will get you a body like Rachels, but it’ll probably make you just as happy!

The Best Scientific Health Study Ever

Eat 50g of chocolate every day for 8 weeks – that’s what researchers in Northern Ireland will soon be asking volunteers in a study to do. Sounds less like a study and more like a dream to us!

The aim of the study is to determine if a diet rich in important compounds called polyphenols can benefit the cardiovascular system. Dark chocolate rich in cocoa contains such compounds.

As the study is only taking place in Northern Ireland, we here at Chocolate Fountain Hire suggest you try out conducting your own research. Why not find out what dips go best with a dark chocolate fountain? Or better still, what flavour of chocolate goes best alongside a dark chocolate fountain – a white chocolate fountain or a milk chocolate fountain?

Chocolate fountain opportunities and combinations are endless, so find out more about Chocolate Fountain Hire today.

Spring Weddings

Some snaps from a spring wedding in the south – a delightful occasion for all involved. People often ask if we tire of attending weddings every weekend. The simple answer is; no! We love seeing the joy on the bride’s face when she sees the fountain in full flow. We enjoy watching guests have fun, laughing at each other with drips of chocolate on their faces! We feel rather priviledged to have a role in making an evening reception memorable.

So for all those reasons, roll on wedding season!

Wedding First Dance

A video that has been around for a couple of years now, but is still proving to be popular. Much like Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special with a chocolate fountain, the wedding first dance video is bound to make to you laugh time and time again.

Thinking about something different for your wedding? Don’t want to have a run-of-the-mill ceremony and reception? Consider chocolate fountain hire to add a sparkle to your day and create lively memories that are captured on our digital cameras.

When planning your wedding first dance, why not do something just a little different?

Weddings, chocolate fountains and dancing – all go together delightfully!

School Prom – Chocolate Fountain Hire

Are you planning your school prom for this summer? Organising a university ball? There is so much to organise, especially around all those studies and exams.

A school prom is a special day where you can celebrate the end of an era with friends, classmates and teachers. A ball or prom is a great excuse to get dressed up, have a once in a lifetime experience such as a limousine lift to the venue. Sample the high life in a glamorous ball gown, tiara and a beautiful ‘up-do’!

Amongst all the celebrations, meal, drinks and fun, why not consider a chocolate fountain at your school prom. The perfect ice-breaker during the evening, encouraging guests to share in the decadent fondue fountain. Trust us, the photos are always something to remember after chocolate fountain hire at a school prom or ball.

Got a certain theme for the evening? Chocolate Fountain Hire offer customised displays with a range of signature LED lighting, sparkles and luxury napkins.

Chocolate Fountain Hire understand the student committees have tight budgets for proms and balls. We therefore try to work within your budget, offering discounts for reduced running times and reduced or no-dip options. Call us for an individual quotation for your summer prom.


Chocolate and Cheese??


Chocolate and cheese – an odd combination? On several occasions, Chocolate Fountain Hire has been asked to provide chunks of cheese as a dip for the chocolate fountain. In the news yesterday, was a Dorset company who make wedding cakes from their local cheese making business.

We have to admit, we like the sound of the cakes! For any unusual dips, we always do some research, asking friends and family to test with the chocolate fountain. Other odd requests have included: pickled onion, celery and chopped carrots.

This makes cheese and chocolate sound quite tame!


For more information on the services we can provide in Dorset click here.

Supermarket Chocolate Bars Better Than Pricier Options?


A recent study on supermarket chocolate has shown Tesco to be top in terms of chocolate taste. Their bar of dark chocolate beat Green & Blacks and Waitrose in a taste test!

For those with a passion for chocolate, does it matter where you buy your chocolate from? How important is buying organic chocolate?

Chocolate for chocolate fountains is usually Belgian chocolate which is renouned for quality. Supermarket chocolate is not suitable for chocolate fountains contrary to popular belief, as it does not have a high enough cocoa content to melt efficiently.

Contact us if you have any chocolate questions, need advice on which chocolate to go for in a chocolate fountain or simply want to pick our brains.

But, after all, Chocolate is Chocolate. We love it no matter what!

Bananas and Chocolate

Which is the better snack; the fruity banana or ever present chocolate snack the KitKat? The article below analyses the two popular snacks.


Why not have both? We always take a couple of banana bunches to all our events as, in addition to making the display look pretty, bananas always go down a treat when covered in warm Belgian chocolate.

Try it, we think you’ll love it!