Chocolate Fountain at a Village Wedding

Chocolate Fountain at a Village Wedding.

On a beautiful Saturday in July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the picturesque village of Rattlesden and the lovely venue of Rattlesden Pavilion. The bride had booked our large 5 tier milk chocolate fountain as a desert after the delicious hog roast served at her wedding.

We arrived just as the hog roast was opened so we could set up inside the hall without disturbing the guests. Everyone chose to eat outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and making the most of the delightful landscape, comfy hay bales and the lovely outdoor bar!

Once the fountain was up and running, with the delicious Belgian Milk chocolate flowing in perfect curtains we were open for business!  With white china bowls filled to the brim with yummy dips everyone was thrilled! Fresh British Strawberries, tasty sugared mini donuts and naughty chocolate brownies were among the favourites! As part of our party hire packages we include an unlimited variety of dipping options, this means you are welcome to chose between our list of around 20 items! You may have as many or as few as you would like for no additional charges! We also top these items up throughout your hire period ensuring your guests all get a chance to indulge!

We served for 3 hours and the guests, especially the younger ones, ate their fill of tasty treats all drenched with heavenly milk chocolate! Next to our table was a delicious arraignment of the most wonderful cakes! instead of a traditional wedding cake their was a whole table of them! All different flavours and types for the guests to enjoy!


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