LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way

LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way.

Here at the the chocolate fountain hire team we love a good party, and what could be better than a ‘street’ party!¬† LVS Junior School were getting into the spirit of The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by having a street party on their playing fields, followed by chocolate fountain for pudding! It was great! The children were all dressed in mufti and some had flags and union jack hats, and union jack tee-shirts and even face paints! They all looked wonderfully patriotic!

The children all sat in rows of chairs on long tables eating triangle sandwiches with the crusts cut off and drinking pop, then it was time for the main event, the chocolate! We set up two chocolate fountains in the schools hall, a little apart from each other, and decorated the table with bunting. The children were allowed in by the classroom  and they helped themselves to one goodie on a stick, dunked it in the warm chocolate, then took it outside to eat.

The sugar coated donuts were particularly good today, and they were the most popular item, followed closely by scrummy chocolate brownies. The luscious fresh strawberries, pineapple and grapes were only eaten by the grown ups!  After every child had had about 3 or 4 or maybe 5 dips each, and were all smothered in Chocolate on hands, faces and clothes, the Head Teacher said that was enough and the children went back out to play and enjoy the sun. The Chocolate Fountain Team really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the long weekend, bring on the Bank Holidays. We were really impressed with the good behaviour from the children and such a well organised day for everyone!


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