Ladies Day 2015 at Blackheath Rugby Club

Ladies Day 2015 at Blackheath Rugby Club.

We were delighted to get the call to attend the annual Ladies Day Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser at Blackheath Rugby Club. This is our forth year, and as always it was a great day! The morning started badly with torrential rain, but by the time we arrived at the Rugby ground, the sun had come through and the day was beautiful. The large white marquee was decorated with baby pink carpet and pink bunting.

The buffet was being laid out as we set up our chocolate fountain with lots of delicious dips. We were asked to feed 200 guests, but we know that the ladies like their chocolate, so we make sure there is plenty! The drink waiters at the party are all topless showing of their rugby honed bodies…..just another little treat for the ladies! We left at 5pm just as the gentlemen were allowed to join in, and the party raged on for a good few hours!

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