Chocolate and Fruit at Wembley wedding

Chocolate and Fruit at Wembley wedding

Earlier in June the chocolate fountain team travelled to Wembley to the Advait Centre (Sattavis Patidar Centre) to provide a chocolate fountain and not one but two of our stunning medium fruit palm trees at the celebration of the wedding of Shezada to Faiza. The hall was beautifully decorated in pinks and purple with lights and crystals everywhere, the tables had a single vase with purple floating candles flickering prettily.

The groom arrived in a procession and the guests enjoyed fruit juices while toasting the families and the tradition of marriage. They then sat down to eat a vast feast and excitedly tucked into the delicious fresh fruit from the trees and the tasty treats dipped into the luxurious Belgian chocolate. As the evening grew on it was time for another stunning procession as the bride and groom made their proud first entrance and were applauded as they floated through the great hall, filled to bursting with family and friends. There were more pictures to be taken and the cake to be cut but sadly it was time to depart and leaving the scent of melted Belgian chocolate in the air we left the happy couple beaming!!


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