Wedding Fountain at Weymouth Sailing Club


Wedding Fountain at Weymouth Sailing Club

On Saturday on a beautiful sunny August evening the chocolate fountain hire team travelled down to the coast to provide a chocolate fountain for Nicola and Richards wedding reception held at the lovely Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Having provided fountains here before we knew what to expect and were very grateful for the lift!

We set up the 5 tier chocolate fountain display in a small room separate from the main wedding party. Also in the room was a stunning candy buffet display table with almost every type of candy! Including several lolly trees and an amazing Ferrero Roche tree!

Once the fountain was running perfectly and the bowls of delicious dipping items were placed around the stunning illuminated surround, lit up in a pink to match the room, the sliding doors were opened to reveal a sweetie heaven!

The guests soon tucked into strawberries bananas and cream filled profiteroles all dipped in luxurious melted Belgian chocolate! One of the younger guests even had the clever idea of combing the desserts and enjoyed several Ferraro Roche’s dipped into the Chocolate fountain!


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