Candy floss is sweet success at Wiltshire wedding


Candy floss is sweet success at Wiltshire wedding.

On a sunny July afternoon the chocolate fountain hire team had a change of pace and provided our delightful candyfloss machine at a lovely wedding in the Wiltshire countryside. A picturesque wedding wonderfully decorated with a vintage theme the bride and groom were blessed with good weather for their mostly outdoor wedding reception.

With tombola, cake competition, guess the name of the bear, vintage lolly bicycle and many other stands the candyfloss machine fit in perfectly! We decorated the machine with a baby pink chiffon ribbon and served pink candyfloss freshly made in bags and on sticks for all the guests!

We serve unlimited portions on candy floss and it is made fresh in front of your guests! We can offer a variety of colours and flavours depending on what your personal preference is! Pink, blue, green or white! Raspberry, strawberry or even bubblegum! YUMMY!


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