Waitrose AGM in Salisbury Guildhall

Waitrose AGM in Salisbury Guildhall

We provided a large 48″ 5 tier chocolate fountain for the Annual General Meeting for our local Waitrose in Salisbury. The meeting was held in The Salisbury Guildhall, which is a wonderful historic building. it used to hold the Magistrates courts but after extensive refurbishment in 2011, Salisbury District Council moved some of its offices into the building, and it is used as a venue for parties, weddings, all sorts of functions in fact.

The partners listened to a talk and then the fun began! The doors opened and everyone flooded to the bar and the Buffet which had been provided. The disco then started up and the chocolate fountain was swamped with guests all eager to sample the delicious Belgium chocolate and fresh drippings items, which Included mini sugared donuts and cream filled profiteroles, yummy! We left the party with still an hour to go as the guests were bopping and having fun. This is something we can do very discreetly, as people very rarely want chocolate much past ten o’clock, then it’s all about the dancing!!!


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