Josie and Tony get married

Josie and Tony get married

On the warmest days of the year so far chocolate fountain hire travelled to Berkshire to help with the celebrations of Josie and Tony. The wedding reception took place on the outskirts of Maidenhead at Lillibrooke Manor. We arrived as the wedding breakfast was being served and set about setting up the chocolate fountain at the rear of the venue which was the pudding area as we were opposite a sweet cart. As soon as the chocolate fountain was flowing with chocolate the bride and groom were invited over to have their first dip and   of course the photo opportunity!  This signaled that the chocolate fountain was open for guests to use and we were in huge demand for the rest of the evening. We had a large supply of dips including strawberries, fudge, marshmallow, and meringues to name but a few and guests helped themselves over the course of the evening in between dancing to the tunes that the DJ was playing. In what seemed no time at all the time had come for us to pack up the chocolate fountain and head home.


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