Candy Palm Tree Hire

Candy Palm Tree Hire

If you have never seen a Candy Palm Tree take a look!  They have a great WOW factor and look great at any event, weddings, Willy Wonka themed parties, Hawaiian themed parties, in fact any special event you are having! Each candy palm tree tree stands 7ft high with 3ft of real palm leaves coming from the top of the tree, really impressive when sat on a table! As you look, the candies just reach up for ever, with 4ft of delicious jelly babies, fried eggs, cola bottles, strawberries and many many more!

The trees are made by coring out whole pineapples and threading them onto a catering steel pole which is firmly fixed into a large catering steel base so it won’t fall over. We then carefully, using a selection of yummy sweets, skewer each sweet with a cocktail stick into the pineapple cores in a circle. We then put another layer of different sweeties on top of them, making a pretty pattern going up the pineapples until we reach the top! Magnificent! Each Candy Fruit Palm Tree contains over 500 sweeties making it a great treat for all of your guests! if you are interested  in  more information or to book Fruit or candy palm trees  in London or any other part of the country click here.candy palm tree hire

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