Party at Salisbury Arts centre

Party at Salisbury Arts centre

Recently chocolate fountain hire took the short trip to Salisbury to provide a chocolate fountain for South Wilts Grammar School. We arrived early to set up the chocolate fountain at  the Salisbury arts centre to find the venue superbly decorated with a pack of cards  theme. This fitted in really well as  shortly after we set up the chocolate fountain, a fun casino arrived. Guest soon started arriving and were treated to a canape reception whist sampling the delights  from the chocolate fountain.

Photographers were on hand to capture special photographs for a lasting memento. As the evening got into full swing a buffet was available for guests to eat, cunningly placed near  to the chocolate fountain so that guests could have their main mean and dessert at the same time. Soon the  DJ started playing some great tunes and we  packed way the fountain as guests danced away the night.


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