Marie and Neil get married in Style!

Marie and Neil get married in Style

One of our Saturday night bookings of the Bank Holiday Weekend was in The Hilton in Bristol. It was a wedding that happened late in the evening, the happy couple got married at 5pm and went straight into the evening party! What a great idea!  The Bride and Groom entered the beautifully decorated room at 7.30 and cut their cake, had their speeches and then the first dance. We then got inundated with the guests eating the fresh fruit from the two large fruit palm trees. The trees were 7ft tall with real palm leaves in the top. The fruit is strawberries, kiwi, clementines, pineapple, and three different types of melon! Delicious and very pretty to look at!

The chocolate fountain was very busy with guests eating the donuts and marshmallows dipped into the smooth creamy Belguim chocolate. It was a great evening and when we left, the party was still in full swing!


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