Gangsters off the Hook with Chocolate Fountain

Gangsters off the Hook with Chocolate Fountain

On Saturday the Chocolate Fountain Hire team travelled the short distance up the M3 to Basingstoke to provide our large luxury chocolate fountain at the celebration for the end of term for The Rotary Club President. The members were imaginatively dressed up in a “Gangsters” Theme, with tommy guns and water pistols. They were treated to the smooth sounds of Graeme Hewitt and The High Society Jazz Band.  After arrival drinks of champagne the guests took their seats, while New Horizon Catering finished carving the delicious Hog Roast of Pork and Lamb!

After the meat, salad and fresh bread had been demolished, the guests were then treated to the decadent delights of our 5 tier Belgian Milk chocolate fountain. They enjoyed fresh British strawberries, crunchy gingerbread and succulent melons all drenched in rich melted chocolate. All of our party hire packages come with an unlimited variety of dipping items, we have a list of around 20 and you may chose as many as you would like!


As the night drew on we left the guests enjoying the amazing live band and packed up to head home.


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