Beautiful Wedding at De’Vere in Chesham


Chocolate Fountain Hire were asked to provideĀ a chocolate fountain at a wedding at the De’Vere Hotel in Chesham for Giles and Maria’s wedding reception. It is a venue that we had worked in before so we went straight in and unloaded all our equipment and started setting up. The bride and groom and guests were still enjoying the wedding breakfast as we were setting up, but soon the evening guests were milling around, enjoying the music, the casino and the creamy, warm milk chocolate from the fountain.

We were very busy as the guests feasted on yummy chocolate brownies, naughty jelly babies, sweet meringues, sugared mini donuts, heavenly British strawberries and fresh chunked pineapple, delicious! We offer an unlimited variety of dipping items, meaning the bookers may choose as many different dipping items as the would like! We even top up the supplies throughout the hire period! Maria andĀ  her groom Giles had their photo taken by the fountain and then Maria tried some strawberries, carefully avoiding her beautiful wedding dress! A great party was in full swing when we left, with the DJ spinning some groovey tunes!!!!!


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