Lauren and Shane get married in Tetbury!

Lauren and Shane get married in Tetbury

It was a stunningly warm Thursday at the end of March when chocolate fountain hire went to the village of Tetbury in Gloucestershire, to Calcot Manor. When we arrived, the speeches were just finishing and the guests were spilling out onto the lawns in the late sunshine. We set up the chocolate fountain in the lounge area, and put the dips they had chosen in white china bowls and we piled up fresh sugared donuts and chocolate chip brownies on white china plates. It looked lovely! The bride and groom had chosen to have a cheese wedding ‘cake’ It was whole cheeses stacked on top of each other, Brie at the bottom etc, it looked really beautiful. Lauren and Shane had their photos taken eating chocolate and then went to do their first dance! We quickly got busy with the guests enjoying the warm Belguim Choclate and delicious fresh dips. A good end to a great day!


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