Christmas Party in January!

Christmas Party in January

The Chocolate Fountain Hire Team where off to Kettering to provide a Chocolate Fountain for a Christmas party for a company that were too busy before Christmas to celebrate! The company, Sealed Air, make packaging, and what do we all need to pack our Christmas presents, packaging! The party was superbly organised by es promotions at  the Kettering Conference centre and it was beautifully decorated with a Christmas theme complete with tree and presents! On arrival we were greeted by jesters and jugglers, and the room was full of fun and games and  even a Christmas tree shaped vodka luge  for the lucky party goers!
After the guests had finished eating their Christmas turkey dinner, they started mingling around and taking turns on the rodeo reindeer, cash grabber, wheel of fortune, grand national game and the casino tables. They also began to use the chocolate fountain,  with the warm milk chocolate with strawberries, profiteroles and chocolate brownies, mmmmmmm. When we left the temperature outside was -4 but inside the party was hotting up!

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