Tropical theme to christmas party at Kew

Tropical theme to Christmas party at Kew

Friday the 9th of December took the chocolate fountain team to a fantastic venue in Kew, where we provided not only our amazingĀ  chocolate fountain but also a stunning fruit palm tree, displaying over 500 pieces of fresh fruit freshly prepared and deliciously arranged around the whole tree trunk! The guests celebrated their company Christmas party congregating in London from all over the country. They enjoyed many items such as marshmallows, Turkish Delight and chocolate brownies as well as the fresh kiwi melon and satsumas from the tree all dipped into the luxurious Belgian chocolate! Savoury items were also served,including festive turkey skewers and salmon blinis but none as popular as our strawberries!! As the night drew on and the 350 guests partied on it was time for us to pack up and head home!


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