Prize Chocolate Fountain for Achievement Awards in Lewisham

Prize Chocolate Fountain for Achievement Awards in Lewisham

Saturday morning and the team went to Lewisham to provide a Chocolate Fountain for an Achievement Awards ceremony. The ceremony was in a lovely hall that had been decorated with blue and gold balloons and fibre optic decorations. The food was provided by a Caribbean caterer and was delicious. The chocolate fountain was set up next to the bar, and was an immediate success! As guests were queuing up for their lunch, they were helping themselves to warm luxurious chocolate coated strawberries, donuts and Christmas shaped gingerbread. The young people were handed their awards by various dignitaries, and we had lots of good entertainment from dancers and rappers, and right at the end we were treated to singer J Sol who was ace! he sang some of his own songs and covered various other songs as well. During the ceremony we had two breaks and the Chocolate Fountain team were overrun with the guests wanting to fill up with jelly babies, fresh mango, pineapple and marshmallows, which were a definite favourite!


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