Lights Dim on Chocolate Fountain and Fruit Palm Tree at Army Party

Lights Dim on Chocolate Fountain and Fruit Palm Tree at Army Party

Recently chocolate fountain hire were asked to provide a large chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree for an army mess function Christmas party. We made the trip to Aldershot in Hampshire  allowing plenty of time to make the fruit palm tree and set up the fountain. When we arrived the guest were eating their starters so we set up the fountain then began to make the fruit palm tree. This was made more interesting by the power cut however this didn’t deter us, whilst the guests ate their starters by candle light we  made the fruit palm tree also by candle light!

Eventually power was restored and guests soon made their way to the chocolate fountain, which was  provided with a vast array of dipping items and  also the fruit palm tree which looked very fetching with its palm leaves swaying as guests removed the fresh fruit that we had prepared. The fruit from the palm tree can either be eaten from its cocktail stick or dipped into the chocolate fountain and  eaten with a lovely coating of Belgium chocolate.


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