Birthday Party gathering at Regents Park Barracks

Birthday Party gathering at Regents Park Barracks

At Chocolate Fountain Hire we like all sorts of events, but our favourite ones are family gatherings, and recently we were invited to provide a milk chocolate fountain for a 50th birthday party celebration that was also a pre Christmas family and friends gathering. Our booking took us to the Officers Mess at the Regents Park Barracks in London. Upon arrival we set up the chocolate fountain in the lounge area in time to have the chocolate fountain ready for when the party guests arrived. The room was decorated in true Christmas style complete with a large Christmas tree and presents, and the guests were served canapes and drinks before their main meal. The chocolate fountain was intended to be the dessert, however some of the guests had some before the meal, all in the interest of quality control of course! With the end of the meal, guests were eager to test the chocolate fountain. I am sure some guests actually ran for the fountain! We provided a selection of dipping items that included meringues, mini doughnuts, cream profiteroles, marshmallows, strawberries and mango. By far the favourite item at the party were cream profiteroles. When dipped into the chocolate fountain the warm of the chocolate combining with the cold of the cream is a really nice taste. Speeches and  cutting of the birthday cake signalled the end of the party and in no time at all it was time to pack up and leave London for a few days at least!


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