Wedding white and milk Chocolate Fountain Hire in Knebworth

Wedding white and milk Chocolate Fountain Hire in Knebworth

Visits to Knebworth are usually all about music festivals or visits to the historic house set in the rolling countryside of Hertfordshire , however our reason was much more fun Becky had booked chocolate fountain hire to provide not one but two chocolate fountains and a fruit palm tree for her wedding reception that was held in Knebworth barns. On arrival we could see that this is a really nice  setting to have a wedding and  barns looked amazing. The chocolate fountains were set up near the back of the room and were soon flowing with chocolate of two kinds- the large chocolate fountain had Belgium milk chocolate and  the smaller fountain was filled with white Belgian chocolate. This  is a really good combination for guests who like different types of chocolate. We set up the fruit palm tree on the opposite side of the room on the buffet tables so guests could help themselves to the fruit and either eat it alone or dip the fruit into the chocolate fountain. We were set up quite early in time with band playing for the bride and groom ‘s first dance.

As the guests were eager to get stuck into the fountain we found the bride and groom to have their first dip from the chocolate fountain, now all of the other guests going start. The wedding guests needed no encouragement and we were soon feeding lots of guests with both chocolate fountains getting lots of use. Guests needed a little more encouragement to use the fruit palm tree and a lot of people think these are for decorative purposes only. Soon it was time for the  band  to start their first set, and t his got all of the guests up on the dance floor rocking the night away which signalled our time to leave Knebworth and  head home. This was a really nice reception in a great setting!


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