Chocolate fountain for Ascot Conference

Chocolate fountain for Ascot Conference

Yesterday the team from chocolate fountain hire made the trip to Ascot; unfortunately not for Royal Ascot, our job was to provide a chocolate fountain for a medical conference which was being held at Sunningdale Park. Delegates had travelled for all parts Europe and the United States to attend the event. This is the type of event we are quite used to at chocolate fountain hire, the event organiser’s book the chocolate fountain as a surprise for delegates to have during a break period, to allow the delegates to relax and treat themselves to the chocolate fountain. This is exactly how yesterday’s event in Ascot was planned. We were able to set up the chocolate fountain in the coffee break area while the delegates were in meetings and before the end of the meetings the chocolate fountain was ready flowing with luxury Belgian milk chocolate.

Many delegates were very excited upon seeing the chocolate fountain and needing no encouragement to start dipping. We provided a range of favourite dipping items such are strawberries, marshmallow, profiteroles, dairy fudge, chocolate brownie and many more. The most popular items that delegates dipped into the chocolate fountain  used were strawberries, chocolate brownies and marshmallows. Once the break was over they were soon back to their meetings with lots of the delegates saying the chocolate fountain would get them through the day!!


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