Chocolate Fountain Hire in Burford

Chocolate Fountain Hire in Burford

Saturday night saw the chocolate fountain team split it many different ways and I chose the picturesque village of Burford in Oxford, to the wedding of Niki and Phil. Their reception was being held in the Baytree Hotel which is lovely oldie worldy hotel with lots of character. When I arrived the guests were just finishing eating their wonderful dinner of roast lamb which looked superb and made me feel hungry just looking at it! I quickly set up on an old oak table and set out the dips which were strawberries, pineapple, marshmallow and profiteroles. Very soon the guests were piling out to see me and my delicious chocolate fountain and my luscious strawberries.

Some on the party got involved in a marshmallow eating contest, very funny to watch! The bride looked absolutely stunning, and wouldn’t stop introducing herself as ‘Nicola the bride!’ Like we couldn’t tell…….if she wasn’t the bride she was very overdressed! As the chocolate levels fell, the dancing and revelry increased and it was a very happy chocolate fountain lady who packed up her kit at midnight and made her way home, while the bride and groom were being whisked away to St. Lucia on honeymoon……what a lucky couple!


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