Wedding in Bristol

Wedding in Bristol

Three days into the New Year and we have  completed our third chocolate fountain for weddings. And what better way to start the New Year off !!!  Todays wedding reception took place  in the suitably named Bristol Hotel set right in the heart of Bristol. The room was splendidly decorated with a white and cream theme , just right for a wedding. This  wedding also had another theme, as the groom’s family hailed from the Highlands of Scotland, with lots of the male members of his family wearing ceremonial kilts, there was no mistaking the clansmen!

The Chocolate Fountain was actually a surprise present from the groom to the  bride, so on their arrival at the reception there was no mistaking  the  bride’s delight, with the  luxurious  Belguin chocolate flowing perfectly for her arrival. As  usual at wedding receptions the  bride and  groom were the  first  to sample  the  delightful dips  chosen by her  husband which  included  Turkish Delight, melon strawberries, fudge and  many more.

During  the evening , guests and  Chocolate  Fountain staff alike were treated to great dancing music and some  fabulous live  music with the  band playing  a mixture  of  music ranging from ‘Teenage  Kicks’ to ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’.


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