Bat Mitzvah in London Bar

Bat Mitzvah in London Bar

On Sunday I did a Chocolate Fountain at my first ever Bat Mitzvah!  I did not even know that girls had this Jewish ceremony so it was nice to be involved. I turned up at The Willow in Winchmore Hill, London which touts itself as ‘The Best Bar in London’ in plenty of time to haul my chocolate fountain up two flights of stairs to the party room. It was so pretty, all decorated in pink and purple with a beautiful array of cupcakes on a stand. I set up in a small room just off the main party room so that the party goer’s didn’t know I was there until the grand unveiling at 8.30pm. I have never seen teenagers move so fast!!

I was besieged by boys and girls running in to eat my chocolate and dips. In a very short time, I was topping up donuts and profiteroles as fast as I could and adding more chocolate to the machine! They ate loads!!! And there was chocolate everywhere!!  Many baby wipes were used mopping up chocolate from pretty party frocks and smart jeans. It was a great party with really delicious food (I just love buffet food!!) and a purple non-alcoholic cocktail made especially for the occasion! The party guests than danced and sang their way to 10.30 when their carriages (i.e. parents!)  arrived to take them home. A really enjoyable evening, and the best way to spend a Sunday evening!


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