Chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree in Surrey

Chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree in Surrey

Impressive buffets are something that we are used  to seeing at chocolate fountain hire, but nothing can rival that sight of the buffet one on of our last bookings before Christmas. We  were invited to provide a chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree for Alpha Laval in Camberley in the  Surrey / Hampshire  border situated very close to the  impressive Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where potential officers for the British Army learn their trade.

We busily set up the chocolate fountain and our impressive fruit palm tree which was situated  in the  antastically named “pudding room”. Along with our fountain and fruit palm tree was a counter filled with cupcakes, mini cheesecakes all hand made by the in-house chef.

The Main course  room was equally impressive with an array of meats  including beef, turkey, ham and salmon. Our hosts very kindly allowed us  to try a selection from the  buffet and it tasted as good as it looked. We were very quickly mobbed  by hungry workers seemingly preferred to go straight to desert  with the  chocolate fondue fountain flowing with luxury Belgium chocolate soon surrounded!

Realising that the  guests thought the fruit palm tree was simply a work of art we  encouraged them to start  to eat.  The  fruit palm tree was filled with over 500 picies  of fruit which included threee types  of melon, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, oranges, and  fresh pineapple.

The  tree was  practically empty within two hours, we did in fact compliment  the guests  on being such a  healthy company.


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