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One of the advantages of travelling to so many different events all over the country is that you get to meet so many people and experience different traditions from around the world. Chocolate Fountain Hire visited Berkshire recently for a Veronika and Andrew’s stylish wedding reception at the Crowne Plaza in Reading. Chocolate Fountain Hire arrived armed with masses of strawberries, marshmallows and mini donuts, but the newly-weds had other plans for how they would entertain their guests!

Veronika involved her new husband and guests in a series of Slovenian traditions, familiar to her and her family. The first involved smashing a plate on the floor which the pair had to sweep up together – although the hotel’s health and saftey regulations meant they had to sweep up rose petals instead!

The couple also played find the Bride and Groom, which Chocolate Fountain Hire and the Berkshire guests particularly enjoyed! Veronika and Andrew took it in turns to wear blindfolds and identify their partners legs from a row of five pairs – Veronika identified her husbands legs far quicker than Andrew, who was thrown by the addition of a male pair of legs (which he thankfully didn’t choose)!

Finally, the pair enterted into a game where they were each given a shot to drink – one containing water and the other containing neat vodka. The person to drink the vodka would be deemed the one to wear the trousers in the relationship. Lucky Andrew redeemed himself by necking the vodka, much to the amusement of the enthused guests!

Chocolate Fountain Hire agreed with the guests that this was an extremely fun and entertaining display, especially because it was all delivered by the bride and groom themselves.

The chocolate fondue soon kicked into action and the lovely pair were able to enjoy our cascading Belgian chocolate fountain while recounting the nights events so far. Chocolate fountains in Berkshire are certainly popular with some unique, fun people – we were sorry to see the reception and the chocolate fountain hire in Reading that night end!


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