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It was probably wishful thinking to believe we’d run into Will Young near his hometown of Wokingham, especially as we were actually in Newbury, West Berkshire! Chocolate Fountain Hire never tire of looking out for interesting places and people when we’re on our travels, but ususally the most interesting people we meet are at the events themselves.

On our recent excursion to Berkshire, we met Martin and Louise – a newly-wed couple from Newbury, who tied the knot and celebrated at the stunning Windsor Suite in the Elcot Park Hotel. Chocolate fountain hire was the suggestion of Louise’s father, Keith, who requested one of our large Belgian milk chocolate fountains and a wide range of fruity, sweet and baked dipping items. It was impossible for the guests at the Newbury venue to resist once our cascading chocolate fondue fountain started to flow. Strawberries, marshmallows and the essential mini-donuts were the most popular dips of choice, and the excited friends and family had loads of fun dipping in the chocolate fondue and attempting to eat the dips whole! When families and friends are all gathered like they were at Martin and Louise’s wedding reception, it’s hard not to have fun.

West Berkshire borders the counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. Chocolate Fountain Hire are familiar with all four counties, and have attended events from the most prestigious, renowned buildings to the most rural, private farmlands. With our knowledge of the area, we’re the first choice for those wanting to book chocolate fountain’s in Berkshire.


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