Candy Floss Machine Hire

There’s something about cotton candy floss that reminds Chocolate Fountain Hire of a trip to the fairground, or a carnival. Candy floss is always associated with a treat, or a special occasion – for this reason, a candy floss machine is a very unique feature for any event.

Chocolate Fountain Hire regularly receive candy floss hire requests and we’re  always happy to oblige. Our candy floss machine hire is available throughout the UK for any type of function. The machine is manned by a uniformed operator throughout the entire event, who’ll keep the cotton candy spinning and ensure there’re plenty of candy floss sticks so guests can all sample some.

When considering candy floss machine hire, consider this unique treat as a great addition to your chocolate fountain hire. The combination of a large chocolate fountain and a candy floss machine will always leave guests impressed. Both are interactively fun and offer a great alternative to cake or standard sweets.

If you want to discuss candy floss hire and chocolate fountain hire, contact us now.

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