Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Ever heard about a Fruit Palm Tree and wondered what it is? Let us fill you in…

Fruit palm trees are a fruit display in the form of a large ‘tree’ made from cored pineapples. The fruit palm tree is used by guests who take a piece of skewered fruit and either eat straight away or dip into a chocolate fondue fountain.


Fruit palm tree hire is perfect for a wedding fruit centrepiece as part of a buffet, a themed party, (think tropical beach!), or as a fresh fruit display at a corporate event.

Fruit palm tree loves being presented as double dipping display with it’s naughty sister – the Chocolate Fountain. Indulge in fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, melon and kiwi coated in deliciously warm Belgian chocolate.

Reasons to hire a Fruit Palm Tree:

Healthy addition to any party or gathering

Complements all desserts including chocolate fondue

At least one of your ‘Five A Day’!

Fruit Palm Trees look spectular with swaying palm tree leaves and beach themed display

So go on, treat yourself!

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